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The Poling Group company ASM announces the release of it's patented UFT-111 Universal Flash Trimmer.
The patented Poling Group UTF-111 (Universal Flash Trimmer) automates the task of flash grinding traditionally performed by an operator. The trimmer's two independent sanding discs automatically trim vertical and top mold flashing based on recipe information entered directly at the controller or supplied via scanned tire bar code for mixed mode operation. The UTF-111 can quickly, easily, and consistently process any tired tested on our CX111 TU machine.
The Poling Group company ASM announces the release of its anticipated DB-111 | Dynamic Balancing Machine in 2016.

We are expanding our line of tire test machinery with the development of the DB-111 Automated Dynamic Balancing machine, and it has the capacity to balance all tires processed by our CX111 TU Machine.

The new DB-111 is designed, like all Poling Group machines, with sound industrial-strength framework and the latest electrical and electronic components .Our flexible design provides the ability to balance all tires measured by a Poling Group PCR/LTR Uniformity machine.
Place the DB-111 behind a CX111 TU machine to provide a one source solution for Tire Bead Lubrication, Uniformity Testing, Optimization, Geometry, Balancing, Grading, Marking, and Sorting, in a fully automated line.
The Poling Group company CTI announces the release of its Twave Software in 2016.
Easily collect, visualize and analyze final finish tire test waveforms and harmonics.

Brand new Poling Group TWave software integrates with your existing plant database via ODBC. This new software plots harmonic information as a waveform view and transforms waveform data to individual harmonic magnitudes and angles. This process gives you unparalleled visualization and analysis of typical final finish data. Then overlay tire component splice and mold segment information on top of the waveform plot. Adjust individual harmonic magnitudes or angle values as needed and see the outcome instantly.

Replace your non-centralized custom spreadsheets with TWave and quickly view trend analysis, while you provide continuity from plant to plant.
Plots for visualization of tire data include: Complex, Individual Harmonic, Waveform, Harmonic Magnitudes, and Trend.
Poling Group company ASF announces upgrades in Cold Slab Stock Cutting Solutions
For 70 years, Poling Group company Akron Steel Fabricators has produced well-designed mill room machinery that is strong, reliable, and most importantly, customizable.

Building on the success of our recent NG 1270 Slab Cutter/Feeder, Akron Steel Fabricator (ASF), a Poling Group company, has modernized a wide variety of cold slab stock cutting machines such as our Extruder Feed Systems (Tab Cutter), Mill Feed Systems (Zig Zag Cutter), Mixer Weigh & Charge Systems and Cold Slitter Applications.

This is in addition to our full line of Conveyors, Splice Presses, Let-Offs, Pull Roll Stands, Blister Breakers, Cooling and Drying Drums, Accumulators, Wind-ups, Control Systems, Calenders, and Custom Calender Rolls
Poling Group company CTI's TDAQ | Tire Data Acquisition system a proven success.
The most important step in any controls upgrade is to modernize the equipment, and aging data acquisition systems are no exception. These systems, currently populated with old electronic parts and designed with old paradigms, were once the mainstay of tire test machines. But with consumers and corporations increasingly demanding tighter specifications on tire testing, old electronics have failed to meet the new requirements many times over.
Enter the TDAQ. CTI’s TDAQ (Tire Data Acquisition) system is the leading data acquisition system in the world for Tire Uniformity testing. Designed exclusively for testing tires, the TDAQ electronics simultaneously acquire load cell data, spindle rotation, inflation pressure, and dozens of other machine variables—all with a fine 24-bit resolution and a processing rate of 16,000 times per second.
TDAQ comes in two versions: one 6 x 8 inch circuit board for handling general machine I/O, and one smaller 4 x 6 inch TDAQ-LC box specifically designed for load cell strain-gage amplification and measurement. The TDAQ system incorporates modern electronic design elements—such as adhering to electromagnetic compatibility fundamentals for high noise immunity—and is rated to CE approval standards. Its use of Ethernet-based data transmission allows it to be placed on the machine near the sources of the signals it measures. This feature greatly reduces both signal noise and the amount of field wiring, saving costs in both setup and troubleshooting. And TDAQ is durable: with over 275 currently in use worldwide, only 4 have ever failed. 
Poling Group News Volume 7, Issue 1 has been released. Read it here.
The Poling Group is proud to once again participate in the Tire Technology Expo 2016 in Hanover, Germany, Feb 16-18.
Please visit Booth #1018 to enjoy a fresh cup of espresso and learn more about the latest tire testing developments from the Poling Group. We're proud to announce the introduction of two new Poling Group products being released in 2016, the DB-111 | Dynamic Balancing Machine, and TWave | Tire Waveform Analysis Software. View the product overviews below and be sure to stop by our booth for more information on these or any other Poling Group product.
Many new items added, and many items updated to the Poling Group Options & Upgrades section of our web site.
Let the experts at the Poling Group help you meet (or exceed) your final finish improvement goals with a TU machine modernization program that is customized to fit your priorities and expense/capital budget. Visit the new Poling Group TU Tune-Up Web Page
Poling Group News Volume 6, Issue 1 has been released. Read it here.
Poling Group News Volume 5, Issue 2 has been released. Read it here.
New web pages and specifications are now online for our Truck and Bus Laboratory Testers. These new pages include : Truck / Bus Rolling Resistance Tester and Truck / Bus Force & Moment Tester.
The Poling Group at ITEC 2014: We are proud to once again sponsor the complimentary Refreshment Area and the ITEC Internet Cafe at ITEC 2014. Both the Refreshment Area and the Internet Cafe are outside of the show floor, so please stop and see us as you enter the show, or come relax in either of our areas when you need a break.
The Poling Group company CTI has been issued a new patent for the latest tire testing innovation. Learn more about MECC, the newly patented product from the Poling Group
Poling Group News Volume 5, Issue 1 has been released. Read it here.
The Poling Group is proud to be an exhibitor at the Tire Technology Expo 2014, from February 11-13 in Cologne Germany.

Please visit us at Booth #3001 to enjoy a freshly ground espresso and see what exciting things the Poling Group of companies have been working on in the last year.

Email to schedule a meeting during the Tire Technology Expo 2014
The Poling Group company Akron Special Machinery (ASM) releases an updated version of their TWA-18 Tire/Wheel Assembly uniformity testing machine. Automotive companies can now test tire/wheel assemblies in time to keep pace with line speed. View TWA-18 Web Page  
The Poling Group company Commercial Timesharing, Inc. (CTI) releases to the public it's drill-down facility from the "help system" for the TTOC Tire Uniformity Testing Machine Controller. Just click here and you will be at the beginning of a very powerful and useful troubleshooting guide for uniformity machine maintenance.
Poling Group White Paper Added : Finding the Right Balance: Capability, Capacity, and Durability discusses how these variables affect the value of a tire test machine, and how tire manufacturers evaluate them differently when considering the purchase of a machine to test their own unique products. View this white paper | View all white papers
The Poling Group will be at the Tire Technology Expo 2014 in Cologne Germany February 11, 12, 13. The Poling Group Booth 3001 is at the entrance of the show and we'll be happy to be your first stop at this amazing tire show. Stop in and have a coffee or beverage with us as we fill you in on all the recent advancements to our already impressive line of final finish and laboratory testing equipment. 
The Poling Group is pleased to announce the Tire Automatic Inflation Regulator (TAIR) system. We designed this new air regulation system to be the perfect complement to our proprietary and recently released WVC (Waveform Validation and Correction) method of tire testing. View TAIR web page.
The Poling Group announces its patent-pending software MECC (Machine Effect Compensation and Compensation). The MECC measurement method complements other recent Poling Group innovations like the new WVC measurement process and TAIR and Air Learn software. Now included with all new Poling Group uniformity testing machines, MECC is also available with a TTOC6 controller upgrade on older machines. View MECC web page.
The Poling Group announces an updated version of its flagship tire uniformity testing machine, the CX111. With 14 updates to the original design, the new CX111 is smarter. faster. stronger. than any competing TU on the market today. View CX111 web page.
Still trying to meet the new EU tire label mandates? Poling Group company CTI releases Tread Label Management System (TLM). Click here to view the TLM Web Site (Will open in new window)