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Tread Label Applicator (TLA)

Tread Label Applicator
Designed to create, manage, print, and apply tread labels, this system alleviates the following problems:
Traditional method is labor intensive and time consuming
Government mandated label information complicated
by vendor information requirements
Volume of purchased labels is very expensive
The applicator consists of a web-based application for dynamic label design (using a template), a high quality ink jet printer, and a specially designed machine to automatically apply the correct label to each tire of a palletized stack.
Features and Capabilities
Integration to upper level computers allows the machine to accept labels from a “Print on Demand” (PoD) labeling system.  In addition the machine is capable of receiving print requests from the upper level computer (tire type and number of labels to print) prior to the actual positioning of a tire or tire stack to be labeled.  This allows the machine to have the labels printed and/or queued prior to the tire(s) arrival at the labeling station, which contributes to the throughput of the machine.
The labels are verified for correctness by reading a bar code on the tread label.
The label pick-up head has sensors to determine if a label was peeled and applied to the tire correctly.
Initial labels or blank labels which are ejected in order to fill the label loop are peeled and dumped so the machine can continue to run uninterrupted.
Adjusts its operation to overcome problems with label rolls such as missing labels, blank labels, etc.
Can label tires on a conveyor singly or in a “stove pipe” stacked configuration.
Can interface with upstream and downstream conveyor controls to synchronize its labeling with the normal flow of tires.
Has a stabilizer axis to hold tires in a frame during the labeling of stacked tires.
The TLA announces operator intervention required with:
–Color coded beacon lights
–Audible alarm
–Ability to send e-mail messages or pages for specific alarms or machine conditions
Features and Capabilities (Cont.)
The TLA will pause its operation and wait for operator assistance for several different reasons:
–Label supply needs to be replenished
–Printer consumables need replacement
–Label not on drum after peel process
–Label still on drum after labeling process
–Safety gate is open
–Dump plate is full
–Label take up reel is full
–Barcode mismatch or barcode not read
–Missing label(s) in label roll
Accept TCP/IP status messages sent by the printer and can either display the message and/or pause the machine depending on the printer message.
Maximum label rate of 10,100 tires per day.
The user interface is a touch screen with a graphic display that shows labeling progress per stack, and also contains a Machine Statistics page.
Shift end statistics are sent to the upper level computer and are stored in a relational database.
Assembled as a complete unit on a rigid mounting plate so that it can be unplugged from power and communications sources and easily replaced within a few minutes. 
All linear actuators are sealed with no internal lubrication required.
Includes a quick disconnect change over system for emptying take up roll.
No PLC software to load or maintain.
Available 24/7/365 Support through CTI, a Poling Group company.
Tread Label Applicator User Interface
The user interface is a touch screen with a graphic display that shows labeling progress per stack, and also contains a Machine Statistics Page.
User interface displays all alarm messages on screen to help the operator determine what to do in case of a pause condition or machine fault condition.
Log files record all errors, alarms, pauses, chat messages and movements, for easier troubleshooting of problems when they arise.
Integrated instant messages (chat) on the machine’s user interface provides a facility for remote assistance by a CTI support engineer.

Tread Label Application (Software)
The Tread Label Application software offers a simple user interface that includes a drag-and-drop feature for stored graphics like the EU image, company logos or other tire-specific / branding imagery. Use the Tread Label Application's "insert text" feature to provide additional text information such as legal disclaimers or additional testing parameters (Stability, Durability, Steering precision). You create each label once, assigning it a unique identifier that can be retrieved at any time for instant printing at a future time. The Tread Label Application software suite is web based, so it is extremely collaborative and easy to deploy - in the plant and also in remote locations like sales offices, distribution centers and warehouses. It can even be combined with CTI's Tread Label Applicator and a barcode database to automatically print and apply the correct, predefined labels, on the appropriate tires, regardless of whether they arrive singly on a conveyor or as a palletized group.

By locating the tread label printing solution directly in the operation center you can reduce inventory, eliminate the waste of obsolete preprinted labels, and save money by having no minimum order quantities. With TLA software you can quickly adapt to changing customer requirements because you no longer spend time waiting for a third-party to print and ship the labels. We have experience with a variety of printers, and will work with you to select the printer that produces the most crisp, clear graphics within the range of label sizes you need.
Tread Label Application Benefits
Reduction of inventory
Elimination of obsolete labels
Quick turn times
No minimum order quantities
No set-up or plate charges
High quality color printing on an internet/intranet attached printer
Company-wide labeling standards
Quicker response times to your customers
Database Creation Options
1) Customer Creates the Label Database, and CTI, a Poling Group company, can train your staff as follows
Lead your personnel through the process of label design, including rules for label size, use of color, required and optional content, graphics, etc.
How to create graphics (logos, etc) for use on a label.
How to create/edit a label template (brand such as Wards, line name such as Grabber, etc)
How to populate the database with all labels in the template.  (e.g., change the DOT code, DOT temperature/tread wear/traction ratings, size, product code, bar codes, etc
How to manage the label database
How to use the CTI WEB-based tread label printing software.
2) CTI Creates the Label Database
CTI will use the CTI WEB-based tread label design software to create the labels for you.  This option allows a customer to pay a minimal per-label charge and simply send existing labels to CTI to get its graphical and textual content into the data base and ready for printing.
Software Use Options
CTI leases the Tread Labeling Application software (label design, printing, etc.) on a per-site basis.
If a customer desires, CTI will host the use of the Tread Labeling Application software for the customer on our secure internet servers.  This includes daily onsite backup and monthly backup to offsite.  The CTI servers are virtually nonstop with their own power source and multiple high-speed pathways to the Internet.  Alternatively, customers may run the software on their own computer system.
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