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Tread Label Management (TLM) Software

Tread Label Management
Solving the new EU Tread Label Mandate

The European Union recently introduced a new label for motor vehicle tires that contains standardized information on fuel efficiency, wet grip, and external rolling noise. By November 2012, road-legal tires sold in Europe must carry the special label (pictured to the right)), which is intended to help consumers more easily compare tire performance and make an environmentally-aware buying decision. The EU mandate applies to all new car, SUV, van, and truck tires but not to racing, retreaded, or spare tires. Tire manufacturers can meet the new mandate with a sticker or label supplied on or with the tire.

For tire makers, the new EU requirement is just the latest in a series of tire labeling challenges. For years, tire manufacturers have struggled with labeling to satisfy a number of U.S. government mandates, in addition to dealing with the high cost of purchased labels and the waste incurred when an inventory of purchased labels no longer satisfies a customer’s demands.

Fortunately, the same CTI solution tire manufacturers have long used to address the more typical labeling issues can also be applied to meet the new EU requirements. CTI's Tread Label Management (TLM) system provides a simple, easy-to-use, and cost-effective way to produce the new standardized labels. Once you provide the values for Fuel Efficiency/Rolling Resistance, Wet Grip and External Noise for each tire type, TLM can create and print the correct EU mandated label for that tire.
Tread Label Management
About the TLM Software

Originally created for tire makers to create custom, on-demand tread labels, the TLM software offers a simple user interface that includes a drag-and-drop feature for stored graphics like the EU image, company logos or other tire-specific / branding imagery. Use the TLM's "insert text" feature to provide additional text information such as legal disclaimers or additional testing parameters (Stability, Durability, Steering precision). You create each label once, assigning it a unique identifier that can be retrieved at any time for instant printing at a future time. The TLM software suite is web based, so it is extremely collaborative and easy to deploy - in the plant and also in remote locations like sales offices, distribution centers and warehouses. It can even be combined with CTI's Tread Label Applicator and a barcode database to automatically print and apply the correct, predefined labels, on the appropriate tires, regardless of whether they arrive singly on a conveyor or as a palletized group.

By locating the TLM printing solution directly in the operation center you can reduce inventory, eliminate the waste of obsolete preprinted labels, and save money by having no minimum order quantities. With TLM you can quickly adapt to changing customer requirements because you no longer spend time waiting for a third-party to print and ship the labels. We have experience with a variety of color and black and white on-demand printers, and will work with you to select the printer that produces the most crisp, clear graphics within the range of label sizes you need.

CTI also offers peace of mind with optional hosting of the TLM software for customers on our secure Internet Servers. This includes daily onsite backup and monthly backup to an offsite location. The CTI servers are virtually nonstop with their own power source and multiple high- speed pathways to the Internet. To help you make a smooth transition to the use of on-demand tread labeling, CTI can train your personnel on TLM functionality, graphics creation, and label design. We also have our own professional creative/graphic design department to create your logos, graphics or complete labels on a per-use basis.

Each day several tens of thousands of "on demand" tread labels are printed using CTI's TLM software.. We are confident that TLM can meet your requirements and exceed your expectations. Email or call us for more information.
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