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The Poling Group at Tire Technology Expo 2020
Join us at Stand #4004 to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee and learn more about the Poling Group's latest innovations in Laboratory Tire Testing, Final Finish Tire Testing, Machine Controls, Data Acquisition and Analysis, Mill Room Equipment and more.

We invite you to schedule a personalized tour of Poling Group's innovative products, or just stop by during the show to discuss your company's unique tire testing or factory data requirements with a knowledgeable Poling Group representative.

We look forward to seeing you February 25-27 in Hannover, Germany!

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Final Finish Testing

Poling Group patented X-Frame technology forms the robust core of our latest, versatile X-Series Tire Uniformity/Geometry Testers. We include best-in-class machine control and data acquisition with each machine to ensure unmatched accuracy, reliability, and throughput. Available for Commercial Truck/Bus,

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Modernize your old Tire Uniformity Machine with the TTOC6 Controller and TDAQ Family of Data Acquisition products.

The TTOC6 Controller boasts patented tire testing and grinding algorithms, easy to write TBASIC grading software, and superior diagnostics, which provide the most accurate and consistent measurements possible. And customers appreciate the modern solutions of easier maintenance, guided troubleshooting, and a robust graphical user interface.

The TDAQ family of data acquisition products was specially developed by The Poling Group to apply modern technology to tire uniformity testing. Its simplified wiring, and location being closer to the source, produces stronger and cleaner signals, bringing about a substantial increase in data resolution.  With over 500 TDAQs in the field within the last decade and only 12 failures, never in the history of tire testing has there been a more reliable way to collect and analyze tire data!
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Poling Group Marker
Poling Group's Interchangeable Hot Stamp / Decal (LTA) Marking Assembly

The Poling Group is introducing a new option for our existing Hot Stamp (Hot Foil) marking system. While keeping the same controls mounting base, easily change your Hot Stamp marking head with a clear tape decal marker for OE tires. This interchangeable solution saves time and money, creating flexibility for internal or external marking on a Poling Group uniformity machine.
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Laboratory Tire Testing

The Poling Group offers a complete line of durability, endurance, force & moment, and rolling resistance laboratory tire testing machines to properly qualify tires for the international marketplace. Poling Group machines come with selectable options and customizable features to help your company address specific challenges like range of tires tested, types of testing required, and available floor space.
The photo above shows a 2019 model of a Poling Group Motorcycle Force & Moment tester
, which provides Bead, Camber & Slip Angle, Force & Moment and Tire Side Force testing.

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Sidewall Geometry Testing
TSAS - Tire Surface Analysis System

TSAS uses proprietary algorithms to detect and ignore lettering and artwork on a tire's sidewall, which drastically reduces false positive test results (alpha-misses), and increases throughput.
This feature, along with the many other features in our TSAS algorithm, allows our customers the most flexibility, by recipe, for testing all tire designs.
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Geometry Testing Laser Verification Wheel

The Poling Group's new Tire Geometry Testing Verification Wheel provides the quickest way possible to verify your LRO/RRO geometry testing lasers. The verification wheel chucks directly on your testing machine's current rims (up to 20") and therefore requires no machine requalifying after verification.

Lateral Runout (LRO) : Both sidewall faces consist of four bulge/depression plates of varying heights. A ring on the outer 1" has a height variant of .15" for precision verification.

Radial Runout (RRO) : Three bands on the 'tread' side of the wheel each have a different height variant to verify RRO laser measurements.
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Patented Automated Flash Trimming
The patented Poling Group UTF-111 (Universal Flash Trimmer) automates the task of flash grinding traditionally performed by an operator. The trimmer's two independent sanding discs automatically trim vertical and top mold flashing based on recipe information entered directly at the controller or supplied via scanned tire barcode for mixed mode operation. The UTF-111 can quickly, easily, and consistently process any tire tested on our CX111 TU machine.

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Mill Room Equipment
For 70 years, Poling Group company Akron Steel Fabricators has produced well-designed mill room machinery that is strong, reliable, and most importantly, customizable.

Building on the success of our recent NG 1270 Slab Cutter/Feeder, Akron Steel Fabricator (ASF), a Poling Group company, has modernized a wide variety of cold slab stock cutting machines such as our Extruder Feed Systems (Tab Cutter), Mill Feed Systems (Zig Zag Cutter), Mixer Weigh & Charge Systems and Cold Slitter Applications.

This is in addition to our full line of Conveyors, Splice Presses, Let-Offs, Pull Roll Stands, Blister Breakers, Cooling and Drying Drums, Accumulators, Wind-ups, Control Systems, Calenders, and Custom Calender Rolls

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TFFIS - Tire Factory Floor Information System
Simplify tire inspection and routing with our TFFIS Software

Our customers have used TFFIS to monitor final finish production efficiency, maintain and view tire stock inventory, report product traceability, communicate changing production conditions to operators and supervisors, and verify product processes. TFFIS is a truly versatile tire factory floor information system.

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