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TUO Remanufacturing

Remanufacturing your current out-dated machine is the most cost effective way to extend machine life and increase ROI. The Poling Group has extensive knowledge and experience helping our clients save time and money by utilizing their existing frame and usable parts, and the remanufacturing process is completely customizable by the client. We can remanufacture and upgrade machines onsite, when they can't be moved. We can develop of a phased approach for remanufacturing to meet improved technology, product transition, or budgetary demands.
There are several very beneficial reasons to upgrade / remanufacture your existing machine with the Poling Group:
Improve Machine Performance
Your current machine can only scan and process data as fast as the electronics on board can handle. The Poling Group uses only the latest and best electronics to get the most accurate, highest speed testing results.
Likewise, the Poling Group replaces all of your outdated DC motors with AC Servo motors to increase the speed of your mechanics and loadwheel.

Add New Testing Capabilities

Adding new capabilities like geometry and visual inspection will help you achieve more accurate results and a broader range of tests. TSIS geometry testing is available as a fully integrated TTOC controller option or as a standalone system for replacement of your antiquated capacitive sidewall appearance systems.

Designed to improve sidewall defect detection and reduce false rejects, the TSIS achieves both goals. It has reasonable deployment cost and it does not add any machine cycle time.

Introduce Data Acquisition for Product Traceability and
Intelligent Material Handling

During the machine remanufacturing process, it is very easy and cost effective to introduce bar coding and product traceability to your operations.

Our software products allow you to implement bar coding where it makes the most sense for your organization
Component Production (TFFIS)
Bar coding that starts in the component area provides maximum finished product traceability
Tire Building (GTID)
Bar coding that starts in the tire room allows product verification in the curing department
Curing Department (CTID)
Bar coding that starts in the curing department allows your material handling system to route tires to specific processes and machines in the final finish area



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Remanufacturing Photo Tour
Frame Maintenance

Existing frames are sandblasted, reinforced and machined true and square. Once complete the machine can accept the newer, larger capacity components.
All four pads are replaced and machined true to the cylinder mounting surface.
Holes and other old modifications are cleaned off and welded closed, making the frame like new.
Boxing the support panel and adding a cross member improves the channel frame structure.
Head Remanufacturing

The head is removed and the carriage way mounting surfaces and mounting pads are squared and milled flat.
Mounting pads are resurfaced true, then drilled and threaded
While on the mill, the spindle bearing bore is examined for concentricity and any wear mark. At this time, if necessary, the bore is sleeved and then milled square to the four corner mounting surfaces
Frame and Head Reassembly

After the frame and head are machined and reinforced, they are reassembled and then the process of putting the machine together begins. Any components from the machine that were still useful are reused while those that were not are replaced.

This photo shows the frame with the head reattached, and the entrance conveyor installed.
Hydraulic and Wireway Systems

This photo displays the hydraulic side of the machine, showing carriage servo hydraulic system pump and manifold, ball screw, and wireway components.
New wireways are installed
New hydraulic valves and manifold to support the adjustable width chuck and chuck change systems
The ball screw is replaced
AC servo for loadwheel carriage
New 13 inch loadwheel and carriage
Control Panel
Control panels have ample room for all available options and are supplied in UL/CSA/CE format.
Many different control panel sizes and layouts are available to accommodate different PLC and Servo systems. All panels are sized to allow the addition of future options.
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