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TTOC6 - Tire Testing & Optimization Controller

CTI has redesigned the TTOC6 for the way that you do business:

 We've improved capability by increasing resolution for all measurements, better noise immunity, and an auto plotting feature that captures tire run data without additional hard disk investment.
We've simplified maintenance by reducing electronic components, which means less points of failure and better reliability. The TTOC6 has online help with video for tooling changes, web-based message logs, servo setups and machine configurations. And, as always, "instant message" support at the machine any time, all the time.
The TTOC6 adapts to your control methodology with a variety of customizable architectural implementations, your choice brand of PLC, and distributed I/O

The "Next Gen" TTOC6 fits your business with a modular design for scalability, enabling phased approach to tire testing improvements. The new compact flash drive allows stand-alone operation with no data loss if the plant network fails. Also, built-in and optional data acquisition and integration help you achieve shop floor and product traceability requirements.
The new, easy to use graphic-based UI includes machine visualization screens that convey tire position and machine status "at a glance". TTOC6's user interface also includes real-time and oscilloscope plotting modes, in addition to real-time production and maintenance statistics.

TTOC is your best investment in technology for tire test control and data acquisition. It is an Industrial PC-based with web-enabled user interface you can view across the enterprise, and PLC is used for all field devices.

The TTOC6 is already integrated with controls for TSIS and other geometry measurement systems, and it accommodates mixed product (lot size 1) and batch production methodologies, making it the most versatile TUO controller on the market.

The TTOC6 is ready to use with CTI's FFH data acquisition and reporting system (or we can integrate TTOC6 to work directly with your existing final finish supervisory system)

Language localization feature greatly reduces end-user training, and display of I/O bits from the PLC and analog channels reduces dependence on external instruments like volt meters and oscilloscopes. As with most Poling Group products the TTOC6 is available as a retrofit kit, and it provides complete control of uniformity machines such as the Poling Group X series, CX and High Speed models.


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Screen Captures
The chat panel blinks to alert machine personnel to incoming messages. Once expanded, this instant messaging application allows direct communication with Poling Group engineers to solve problems - without waiting for support to arrive on-site.
This example shows typical waveforms displayed for
a uniformity test. TTOC includes external ports for
peripheral devices like printers
Extensive diagnostics allow maintenance to control various PLC bits. Customize a “favorites” screen, mixing analog and PLC I/O to display status for any machine function.
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