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Rolling Resistance Tester
This machine uses the torque method to measure rolling resistance, under controlled laboratory conditions, for new passenger / light truck pneumatic tires. It correlates measurement results to enable inter-laboratory comparisons.
Add the optional camber unit to compare rolling resistance from tires, free-rolling straight ahead, to a steady-state tire with camber in a position that is perpendicular to the drum outer surface.

SAE: J2425   ISO: 2858 Rolling Resistance Standard
for Single point test and correlation of measurement results

Standard Features:
- Windows Based Industrial PC Controller (XP)
- 15n Touch Screen Monitor
- Ethernet Communications
- Frictionless Radial Load Assembly Platform (Patented)
- A/C Drive Control
- Servo Electro Spindle for Radial Load
- High Accuracy Torque Method via Torque Shaft
- Two Plane High Dynamic Balanced Drum
- High Natural Machine Frequency
- No Machine Foundation Required
- Designed for Container Shipment
- SAE : J2425 ISO: 2858 Rolling Resistance Standard
Deflection Measuring
- Tire Inside Temperature
- Tire Outside Temperature
- Tire Radius Circumference
- Capped and Regulated Air
- Camber +/- 6 degrees
- Rolling Resistance Retrofit to Existing Machines

UI Screen Captures
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