Poling Group News   |   Volume 2  |   Issue1
Remanufacturing / Modernization
  Our 3 tier approach maximizes your investment by incrementally improving your equipment. And we can tailor any tier to meet your specific needs.
Controller and Data Acquisition Upgrade [does not require tier 2 or 3)

Replace your obsolete computer and data acquisition system with our TTOC6
computer and TDAQ data acquisition system - and keep your machine operational.

Latest control technology with TTOC6:
• Open architecture computer system for integrating barcode readers, marking systems, sorters, etc.
• Enterprise access and remote support
• Supervisory server/computer integration
• Centralize recipe management
• Product traceability and intelligent material handling
• Improved measurement accuracy using the new TDAQ (Tire Data Acquisition) Module
Increased resolution for all measurements
• Better noise immunity
• Simplified maintenance with fewer electronic components and less points of failure
Quick installation turnaround minimizes production downtime

Electrical Panel Upgrade [requires tier 1)

Improve testing machine accuracy, uptime and maintainability.
• Electrical Panel Upgrades designed to fit existing footprint
• Choice of PLC with distributed I/O, servo automation & drive controls
• Diagnostics integrated with advanced help system
• Latest safety equipment
• Field upgraded with on-site supervisory installation support
• Automated recipe selection for mixed mode (lot size 1) production

Remanufacturing [requires tier 1 & 2)

We offer more than 30 different machine & tooling options:

New controller and electrical panels, new bearings, AAWC, spindles and spindle drive, roadwheel and carriage drive, air system, encoder, tooling, bead lubricator, entrance, center and exit conveyors, sorters, markers, and installation assistance to make it all work.

The Poling Group has extensive experience helping our customers . .

• Remanufacture and upgrade machines onsite because they couldn’t be moved
• Develop a phased approach for remanufacturing to meet improved technology, product transition, or  budgetary demands
• Standardize machines from different suppliers, for example:
 - enforce a common (preferred) PLC
 - integrate an existing supervisory computer
 - introduce a new data acquisition system
 - unify machines to reduce spare parts headaches
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