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Waveform Validation and Correction
Did you get to talk to the Poling group experts at the cologne Tire Expo  about the revolutionary tire testing method called Waveform Validation and Correction?

If not you can get a complete explanation of the technology, the benefits, and see example test results by clicking here.
Tire Technology Expo 2012; Daily Recap
Smarter. Faster. Stronger. -  Announcing the updated 2012 CX111
This machine features the latest Poling Group technology to deliver the very best in testing machine capability, capacity, and durability.
With Poling Group innovation like Waveform Validation and Correction, single-direction uniformity testing with our Final Finish Host, and TDAQ data acquisition, this machine can process well over 4,000 tires per day, with sustainable repeatability, and do it for millions of cycles before major wear parts need attention.
DAY 1 
“It’s new, it’s fast, and no one else has it.”
The steady traffic of major tire company representatives through our booth had that and more to say about our new Waveform Validation and Correction software, along with the industry-leading cycle time provided by our updated CX111 tire testing machine
We’re excited to see the high degree of interest in Poling Group’s latest technology, and invite you to visit us at contact us to see what all the buzz is about!
DAY 2 
ISO 28580 
The hot topic in our booth today was the need to satisfy the ISO 28580 Rolling Resistance Standard with hard, accurate data. Fortunately, Poling Group has a great solution in its Rolling Resistance Tester, which uses the torque method to measure rolling resistance. This machine also provides necessary measurement correlation and offers an optional camber unit to satisfy the Standard’s requirement for rolling resistance comparisons (i.e., free-rolling straight ahead, steady-state, etc.).
DAY 3 
Meeting the new EU Tread Label standard

As the show winds down (and Cologne Carnival 2012 ramps up!), we want to take a moment to thank all our customers and new booth visitors for their time and input. As always, Poling Group highly regards your ideas and suggestions on how we can better serve you.

While there was no single topic that dominated today's conversations, we introduced our Tread Label Management (TLM) system to tire exporters who were looking for a convenient and expedient way to satisfy EC regulation 1222/2009 (the EU Tyre Labeling mandate). They were especially concerned about how they would support the European distributors of their tires.

Poling Group can help! We can work with the tire manufacturer to upload, to our secure server, label information appropriate to each tire type. We then make that information available, over the internet, to distributors so they can display and print the formatted information (including the label image) ON-DEMAND, at POINT-OF-SALE. We can also help the manufacturer create tread labels that can be printed on demand. Contact us to learn more.
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