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Modernizing Your Operations - TQC Replacement

If you received our earlier newsletters, you already know that Poling Group offers flexible ways for you to modernize your Final Finish department. For example, we previously detailed our 3-tier phased approach to testing machine modernization to give you a phased approach that works with budget and engineering planning requirements.

Recently, we’ve received requests from tire makers who specifically need to replace obsolete TQC-86 controllers. Various solutions exist, but if you invest in a solution that only updates a computer sitting in a panel, you won’t upgrade your data acquisition capability. If you just change operating systems, you may see nicer-looking screens, but you fail to reap the full benefits of newer technology.

Poling Group company CTI now offers its TTOC6 Upgrade Kit to give tire manufacturers a quick, economical, and easy way to replace their TQC-86 controllers AND truly modernize their testing machines.  Unlike other TQC replacement systems that only replace the computer while leaving the original analog data acquisition system in place, our solution combines CTI’s TTOC6 controller and TDAQ data acquisition product with our latest software breakthroughs to help you satisfy the increasing demands of your customers.

Of course, TTOC6 also features a completely redesigned user interface, so you still get nicer-looking screens and an improved user experience. However, our solution provides enhanced data acquisition with the addition of TDAQ, CTI’s innovative Tire Data Acquisition product. We designed TDAQ to efficiently replace the “cards in a rack” arrangement that exists in older, traditional test machine controllers. For example, a single TDAQ unit with four built-in strain-gage amplifiers can digitally convert load cell signals and send them to TTOC over a single Ethernet run. This allows the TDAQ to be positioned closer to the signal source, which produces stronger and cleaner signals that significantly increase data resolution.  This approach generates substantial cost savings in its small size, reduced wiring, and simplified spare parts management.

TTOC6 also now includes CTI’s Waveform Validation and Correction (WVC) software in addition to existing features like real-time and oscilloscope plotting modes, on-demand production / maintenance statistics, and animated “machine visualization.” WVC’s new, iterative process of waveform collection / validation / potential waveform correction results in tires tested more accurately and with greater repeatability, within a faster measurement cycle.

Of special interest to current TQC users is our TBASIC grading logic, which supports the TIGRE commands from the TQC-86, making the transition to the TTOC6/TDAQ system even easier.

If all you really want is a system that supports your existing PLC and duplicates the TQC-86 interface of up to 24 digital inputs and 24 digital outputs, we can do that too! But when you decide to replace your TQC, we hope you’ll consider the outstanding investment value of the Poling Group TTOC6/TDAQ solution – already installed and field-proven in tire factories around the world.

Contact CTI to find out more about the TQC replacement that gives you more.

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