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Innovation . . . Another Poling Group Difference
Modernizing Your Operations
TQC Replacement
If you think that replacing a computer will improve tire testing accuracy and throughput, think again.

At Poling Group, updated technology means a TQC replacement solution that’s more than just another pretty screen.

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Featured Products
Announcing TAIR (Tire Automatic Inflation Regulator)
We designed this new air regulation system to be the perfect complement to our proprietary and recently released WVC (Waveform Validation and Correction) method of tire testing.
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Post Cure Inflation Machines (PCI's)
The PCI is back!
Learn more about this versatile piece of equipment, including how we’ve made it mobile, and how tire makers are choosing it to provide secondary inspection of sidewall and runout rejects.

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Featured Poling Group Company
From the first drum testing machine to the latest rolling resistance tester, ASM-Hasbach has contributed innovation and maintained a tradition of engineering excellence.

Learn more about this Poling Group company and its roots, which go back multiple generations.

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Poling Group Notes
Lowell Leonard
It is with deep sadness and fond remembrance that we note the passing of Lowell “Nub” Leonard on April 17, 2012 after a short illness.

Nub was employed for over 36 years by Poling Group company Akron Special Machinery, most recently holding the position of Plant Manager.
Nub was such a great guy! He was a real talker and a very hard worker. His understanding of mechanical and electrical concepts went quite beyond his formal education, augmenting a host of machining and fabrication skills he acquired and perfected over his long career.
Nub was also an avid woodworker. Those of you who attended ITEC in the past may recall the great detail with which he crafted the wooden scale model of the Akron Special Machinery uniformity machine displayed at the show.
Nub will be sadly missed by his family, friends, and colleagues, as well as many Poling Group customers and suppliers.
ISO 9001:2008
The Poling Group companies Akron Special Machinery (ASM) and Commercial Timesharing, Inc. (CTI) are certified ISO 9001:2008 with Design.
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