Poling Group News   |   Volume 3  |   Issue 4
Machine Effect Characterization and Compensation (MECC)

Is it possible for advanced algorithms to determine the mechanical deficiencies of a modern Tire Uniformity machine and then adjust the measurement process to compensate for those deficiencies?
Thankfully, now with MECC we can say "YES IT IS!"

This Patent Pending concept for characterization of mechanical deficiencies and then compensation to mitigate the effect they have on the measurement is a huge step forward in advanced tire uniformity measurement methods.  In addition to enhanced measurement results for high spring rate tires and even properly operating machines, the MECC process can provide a long lasting stop gap measure to achieve qualifying measurement results for a mechanically deficient machine PRIOR to repair or overhaul.

A common Quality Assurance (QA) practice in many tire factories is to run a “check” tire on each machine at least once a day.  This process takes only a few minutes of production time and is used to determine proper correlation (magnitudes) for all measurements as well as providing an indicator of measurement repeatability. When the values of the "check" tire determine that the machine correlation or measurement repeatability have fallen outside a corporate QA specified tolerance, the machine must be repaired in some way to cause better measurement.  With MECC, it is now possible to run the characterization routine and, in many cases, the result is a set of compensation values that can be used to enhance the measurement values allowing the machine to correlate and repeat properly.  The MECC process is a very nice alternative that allows the machine to stay in production while the machine is SCHEDULED for a time when mechanical repairs can be accomplished.

The MECC measurement method complements other recent Poling Group innovations like the new WVC measurement process and TAIR and Air Learn software. Now included with all new Poling Group uniformity testing machines, MECC is also available with a TTOC6 controller upgrade on older machines.

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MECC-another innovation that makes Poling Group products SMARTER.  FASTER.  STRONGER.

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