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Modernizing Your Operations
Machine Effect Characterization and Compensation (MECC)
It has been an exciting year for Poling Group Tire Uniformity measurement innovations!

In early 2012 we released our Waveform Validation and Correction (WVC), followed by our introduction of Tire Air Inflation regulator (TAIR) with its Air Learn software in mid-2012. Now we're excited to announce our latest innovation - Machine Effect Characterization and Compensation (MECC).

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Innovation for the tire industry. It's what we do.
With 33 patents and more pending, Poling Group companies raise the bar for industry-leading R&D. We constantly examine every aspect of tire testing to improve the process and/or the machines. We use the integration of engineering, technology and experience to provide some of the most cost-saving and innovative products in the tire testing industry.
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Finding the Balance: Capability, Capacity, and Durability
A few months ago, Ron Symens, President of CTI (a Poling Group company), released an informative white paper about the challenge that tire manufacturers face in balancing their needs for capability, capacity, and durability during the testing process. To read this article in its entirety, click below.
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Poling Group Notes
The Poling Group is sponsoring the Internet Café and Complimentary Refreshment areas at ITEC 2012

Sponsorship of the ITEC Internet Café allows us to do what we do best - bring you the latest technology, when you need it! Along with the café we’re also sponsoring the adjacent refreshment area, so we invite you to Stop In. Browse. Relax. Refresh.
The central location and informal setting of these areas offer a great way to meet with a Poling Group representative over a complimentary beverage and discuss any questions you may have.
We’ve provided a brand new Poling Group Digital Products & Services catalog for each visitor in the entry tote bag. If you don’t see yours or would like another for a colleague, please stop by the Internet Café to pick one up.
If you would like an appointment for a private consultation with a Poling Group representative while at ITEC 2012, please Click Here.

ISO 9001:2008
The Poling Group companies Akron Special Machinery (ASM) and Commercial Timesharing, Inc. (CTI) are certified ISO 9001:2008 with Design.
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