Poling Group News   |   Volume 5  |   Issue 1
Poling Group Innovation

The Poling Group company CTI leverages the internet to provide remote support to customers using our products on a 24/7/365 basis.

This support option has a guaranteed response time and is available world wide for any machines or process equipment using our control systems or for any computer system or integration project we have installed to perform data acquisition, information storage, or reporting.
Customers using the service appreciate the immediacy of the guaranteed response time this support service offers rather than having to schedule and then wait for service personnel to arrive on site.

What we can do:

  • Instantly view and analyze machine performance and operating data, including current machine settings, component and drive status, and various status and error logs.
  • Run diagnostics to evaluate machine fault conditions.
  • Instant message (Chat) with engineering or maintenance personnel at the machine to provide expert direction in diagnosing problems and implementing repair solutions.
  • Download and install software updates, then monitor subsequent machine or data system performance.
  • Perform database and other routine system maintenance.

    Did you know? CTI's acclaimed Boxed VPN provides a secure link for CTI support engineers to remotely access the TTOC. This is accomplished using VPN technology over any available internet access common to the plant. No internet? No worries, the Boxed VPN supports the latest cell network protocols too!

    Remote Support Service – The most cost-effective solution for customers who consider CTI a partner in their efforts to achieve manufacturing excellence.

    Contact Troy Anenson or Gerry Beisler at sales@polinggroup.com to find out more about the remote support service.

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