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The Poling Group at Tire Technology Expo 2018
Join us at Booth #8010 to enjoy a fresh cup of espresso and learn more about the Poling Group's latest innovations in Laboratory Tire Testing, Final Finish Tire Testing, Machine Controls, Data Acquisiton and Analysis, and more.

We invite you to schedule a personalized tour of Poling Group's innovative products, or just stop by during the show to discuss your company's unique tire testing or factory data requirements with a knowledgeable Poling Group representative.

We look forward to seeing you February 20-22 in Hannover, Germany!

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Motorcycle Tire Testing
The new Poling Group MCX75 Tire Uniformity Tester builds on the success of the proven CX111 TU, applying the same smarter controls, faster through-put and stronger frame to testing motorcycle tires.
With standard features like the TTOC6 controller, TDAQ Data Acquisition system, Quick inflate system, and variable speed spindle motor, the MCX75 provides fully automated uniformity testing for motorcycle tires in the final finish area.

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Our new laboratory motorcycle tire testing machines have the same exacting precision we designed into the PC/LT and Truck/Bus versions. And like all Poling Group equipment, you can select from many options and customizable features to ensure motorcycle tire testing that fits the way you do business!

The Motorcycle Tire Rolling Resistance tester uses the torque method to measure rolling resistance under controlled laboratory conditions. It correlates measurement results to enable inter-laboratory comparisons in accordance with the ISO 28580 standard for Tire Rolling Resistance Measurements.
In addition to Rolling Resistance, our line of Motorcycle Tire Laboratory Testers includes the Endurance Tester, High Speed Tester and Force & Moment Tester.

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Sidewall Geometry Testing
Introducing the new TSAS - Tire Surface Analysis System.

The TSAS is available as a fully integrated TTOC6 controller option or as a standalone unit for replacement of your aging sidewall or RRO analysis system.

Geometry testing has never been smarter! Our new TSAS incorporates our patented Multi-Path Inspection (MPI) algorithm, complex mathematics, and 3D line laser scanning to locate and accurately measure bulges, depressions, and runout.

Features include:
• Automatic detection of test regions.
• Store thousands of tire images for later inspection.
• Perform a complete geometry setup from a single screen.
• Save parameters directly to the TTOC.
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Tire Waveform Analysis

Easily collect, visualize and analyze final finish tire test waveforms and harmonics.

Poling Group TWave software integrates with your existing plant database via ODBC. This new software plots harmonic information as a waveform view and transforms waveform data to individual harmonic magnitudes and angles. This process gives you unparalleled visualization and analysis of typical final finish data. Then overlay tire component splice and mold segment information on top of the waveform plot. Adjust individual harmonic magnitudes or angle values as needed and see the outcome instantly.

Replace your non-centralized custom spreadsheets with TWave and quickly view trend analysis, while you provide continuity from plant to plant.
Plots for visualization of tire data include: Complex, Individual Harmonic, Waveform, Harmonic Magnitudes, and Trend.

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Mill Room Equipment

For 70 years, Poling Group company Akron Steel Fabricators has produced well-designed mill room machinery that is strong, reliable, and most importantly, customizable.

Building on the success of our recent NG 1270 Slab Cutter/Feeder, Akron Steel Fabricator (ASF), a Poling Group company, has modernized a wide variety of cold slab stock cutting machines such as our Extruder Feed Systems (Tab Cutter), Mill Feed Systems (Zig Zag Cutter), Mixer Weigh & Charge Systems and Cold Slitter Applications.

This is in addition to our full line of Conveyors, Splice Presses, Let-Offs, Pull Roll Stands, Blister Breakers, Cooling and Drying Drums, Accumulators, Wind-ups, Control Systems, Calenders, and Custom Calender Rolls

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