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TSIS - TTOC Sidewall Inspection System

TTOC Sidewall Inspection System
The TSIS is available as a fully integrated TTOC controller option or as a standalone system for replacement of your antiquated capacitive sidewall appearance systems.

Designed to improve sidewall defect detection and reduce false rejects, the TSIS achieves both goals. It has reasonable deployment cost and it does not add any machine cycle time.
TSIS Delivery System
The TSIS delivery system can be purchased as a fully automatic 3-axis transport using AC servo drives for precision positioning or as a retrofit transport, attaching to your existing hydraulic delivery system.

Even as a retrofit, TSIS still provides two distinct paths of testing. An optional RRO sensor with manual or automatic vertical adjustment can also be added to the fully automatic 3-axis TSIS delivery system.
TSIS Delivery System
Benefits of TSIS
• Higher quality and less waste
• Automatic differentiation between letters and imperfections
• 20 years of proven production experience
• Improved sidewall defect detection
• Reduced false positives
• No additional machine cycle time
Laser Sensors
The high precision laser sensors work on the triangulation principle, with a positioning sensing device (PSD) conversion. The lasers are specially optimized for rubber and tires. Laser sensors have the following advantages over capacitive type sensors :
Higher measuring accuracy with a less restrictive measuring range.
Better immunity against electrostatic loading of the tire.
No problems in measuring the tires compounded with a silica mixture
TSIS TSAS-Tire Surface Analysis System
Our latest TSIS incorporates an advanced testing algorithm to analyze up to 2000 data points per tire revolution. The algorithm uses complex mathematics and the three-dimensional view of the sidewall provided by TSAS-Tire Surface Analysis System to locate bulges or depressions in regions containing letters.

MPI can use spot lasers, or optionally line lasers. Line lasers produce many more paths and should be considered for testing that requires 4-bar inflation pressure or for tires that have lettering or sculpting patterns that make analysis difficult.

MPI can analyze multiple paths anywhere across the entire sidewall within the normal test cycle. It has built-in intelligence to further analyze questionable bulges or depressions. By checking additional paths on either side of the current path, detection is improved while false rejects are reduced.
Multi Path Inspection
The picture above shows a diagnostic screen taken from a standalone version of the MPI TSIS with the line laser measurement option. Plots are fully interactive, and you can view any path or profile (each of the 256 paths has 1024 points).
The top pane is a graphical display of all data captured by a line laser.
The center pane contains one of the 256 paths identified by the horizontal indicator line in the top pane. Slopes are color-coded to aid identification. Green is an upslope, yellow is a downslope. Anomalies (bulge in this example) are highlighted in grey. The purple line crossing the plot is the harmonic data.
The bottom pane contains one of the 1024 profiles of 256 points identified by the vertical indicator line in the top pane. 
Line Laser Range
20 mm | 0 - 0.78 in
Repeatability w/ steel calibration wheel
0.02 mm | 0.0008 in
Servo Drive Control
Graphic Display Monitor
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