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Calibration Equipment
We offer calibration equipment for all tire uniformity machine models (specify model when ordering).


This option includes geometric calibration tools for spindle and loadwheel alignment, piezo cell checking device for tire forces, loadwheel and rim runout tools and precision weights.
The Dynamic Calibrator system replaces the standard precision weight calibration method using weights and pulleys. The dynamic calibrator includes a precision load cell and a device for mounting in the tire uniformity machine spindle. Once the device is mounted, the loadwheel is moved against the calibrator to create a force similar in size to the actual test force.  This known force from the calibrator can then be compared to the load cell value reported by the controller and used in the calibration process in the same manner as the dead weight system.
TSAS - Tire Surface Analysis System CALIBRATION WHEEL
A precision steel wheel provides a known bulge and depression reference for calibrating the laser system
Did You Know?
The Poling Group offers onsite calibration as a service.
We can also provide calibration equipment training for plant maintenance or setup personnel.
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