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Dynamic Balancing Machine

Place the DB-111 behind a CX111
TU machine to provide a one
source solution for Tire Bead
Lubrication, Uniformity, Optimizing,
Geometry, Balancing, Grading,
Marking and Sorting, in a fully
automated line.


Tire Waveform
Analysis Software

TWave software plots harmonic
information as a waveform view and transforms
waveform data into individual harmonic
magnituders and angles. This process
gives you unparalleled visualization
and analysis of typical final finish data.

Smarter. Faster. Stronger.

Advances like Waveform Validation and Correction and
30+ other patented ideas make our machines the most
accurate in the industry.

Test thousands and thousands of tires per day with
Poling Group's CX111 and Final Finish Host providing
1-direction tire testing assistance.


Another Poling Group Difference:
We customize our sales process and
product offerings to help you meet unique
manufacturing goals and priorities
(just like we customize our machines
for the way you do business!)
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email : Sales@PolingGroup.com
phone : 330-753-1077
fax : 330-753-7308
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2016 Products & Services Overview

Download a convenient PDF document that details the latest developments within the Poling Group.