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S2S Series Slitter

S2S Series Slitter
Cold Slab Stock Cutting Solution

To meet our customers’ demands for precision strip production, we’ve introduced our New S2S Series Slitter. The S2S is a newly designed offline Cold Slitter with Automatic Strip Separation and Handling to a pallet/basket, offering the precision and flexibility the industry demands. This Slitter System is made up of an Intralox Belt Feed Conveyor feeding stock into the Slitter with a motor-driven quick change Slitter Assembly and two integrated pull roll assemblies.

The S2S series offers a quick change knife cartridge, allowing customers to quickly adjust for multiple strip sizes. With a minimum strip size of 25mm and the ability to increase the strip size in increments of 25mm, the S2S Series Slitter handles full or half sheets of incoming wig-wag, up to 75 ft (23 m) per minute, that is cut to customer specifications.
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