Tire Geometry Testing Has Never Been Smarter!

We’ve designed the controller, the software, and the transport to make a seamless and comprehensive surface analysis system.

Smarter. Faster. Stronger.
Tire Uniformity Testing for PC/LT Tires

Advances like WVC, MECC, TAir, and 30+ other patented ideas make the CX111 the most accurate in the industry.

Laboratory Tire Testing

With machines that testing Rolling Resistance, Endurance, Force & Moment, Uniformity and Tire Noise, the Poling Group has your lab testing needs covered.

Tire Testing Options & Upgrades

Customize testing to your exact needs with over 30 Options & Upgrades that can pay big dividends.
From Rubber Processing to Final Finish, the Poling Group can Help You Improve Your Tire Manufacturing Process. Our corporate culture - built on flexible design, factory integration, and real-time support - provides solutions that fit the way you do business: Another Poling Group Advantage.

CEO : David Poling Sr.
COO : David Poling Jr.
In 2021, David Poling Sr. officially merged his 5 complimentary companies into the legal entity 'the Poling Group', continuing and improving upon decades of excellence in the tire and rubber industries.

Founded : 1978
President : Brian Mitchell
Focus :
Final Finish Tire Testing, including Tire Uniformity Testing, Tire Geometry Testing, Center/Shoulder Grinding, Tire Marking, Installation, Spare Parts

Founded : 1940
President : David Poling Jr.
Focus :
White Sidewall Buffing, White Sidewall Painting, Post Cure Inflators

Founded : 1946
President : Leon Poole
Focus :
Cold Slab Stock Rubber Processing, Calenders, Calender Line Equipment, Mill Blenders, Batch Off Equipment

Founded : 1978
President : Troy Anenson
Focus :
Innovative Machine Controls, Tire Data Acquisition/Analysis, Tire Geometry Testing, Barcoding and Component Traceability, Tire Factory Data Management, Final Finish Host MES and Recipe Management

Founded : 1898
President : Alexander Hasbach
Focus :
Laboratory Tire Testing for Durability, Rolling Resistance, Force & Moment, Tire Noise, High Speed Uniformity, Run Flat Tires

Five Divisions with One Goal ; We are committed to being a globally trusted source for tire-testing equipment & software, factory data management, rubber processing equipment, and engineering solutions.

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