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Advances like Waveform Validation and Correction and 30+ other patented ideas make our machines the most accurate in the industry.
Modernize Your Aged TU

With its Patented Software, Improved Capability, and Simplified Wiring, the TTOC6 + TDAQ package will greatly increase your testing speed and resolution.
Lab Testing
Customized to Fit Your Needs

The Poling Group offers a complete line of tire lab testers designed to properly qualify tires for the international marketplace.


Gain more value from your existing Tire Geometry Systems with the Poling Group’s NEW Visual Inspection System.
News Release 04/28/2023

We are currently in the process of consolidating our email and domain servers. Over the next couple of weeks, all emails coming from our five divisions will start arriving from email addresses.

Our old email domains of,, and will be retired for sending email, but our server will continue to accept email sent to those domains for the foreseeable future.

Please take the time to add to list of trusted domains so our correspondence and support remains uninterrupted.

'the Poling Group' Name Becomes Official.

In 2003, Mr. David Poling Sr. established the Poling Group name to informally unify his companies supporting the tire and rubber industry; and since then, the Poling Group has been known world-wide for innovation, quality, and customization. During this time, each of the companies has maintained its separate corporate identity.

Now David Poling Jr. (President/COO) and David Poling Sr. (CEO) are pleased to announce the official merger of Akron Special Machinery, Inc. (ASM), Akron Steel Fabricators (ASF), Commercial Timesharing, Inc. (CTI), ASM-Hasbach, and Firwood~ASM into the legal name the Poling Group, as a single corporation.

“Customers can expect the same quality products and services that they’ve always received. This is more of a legal restructuring of the company names and finances,” says David Poling Jr. (COO). “Other than being able to more freely share each company’s resources and assets, the move also streamlines our software and billing systems,” he continued.

Because of the proud history of each company making up the Poling Group — with establishment dates ranging from 1898 to 1978 — the new Poling Group will keep the original company names as divisions.

ASM Division : Tire Uniformity Testing, Geometry Testing, Center/Shoulder Grinding, Tire Marking, Installation, Spare Parts

Firwood Division : White Sidewall Buffing, White Sidewall Painting, Post Cure Inflators

ASF Division : Cold Slab Stock Rubber Processing, Calenders, Calender Line Equipment, Mill Blenders, Batch Off Equipment

CTI Division : Machine Controls, Tire Data Acquisition/Analysis, Geometry Testing Software, Barcoding and Component Traceability, Tire Factory Data Managment, Final Finish Host

Hasbach Division : Laboratory Tire Testing for Durability, Rolling Resistance, Force & Moment, Tire Noise, High Speed Uniformity, Run Flat Tires

Modernizing your older machines with simple upgrades can pay big dividends
Center/Should Grinder Kits

Upgrading passenger -- and even truck and bus tires (exclusively on the Poling Group X150 TU) to the next grade just got easier. An auto-positioned shoulder or center grinder is a cost-effective retrofit to existing machines that can improve the grade for out-of-spec tires. Learn More

TSAS - Tire Surface Analysis System

Improve your inadequate Sidewall or RRO system with TSAS -- We've designed the controller, the software, and the transport to make a seamless and comprehensive surface analysis system. Our patented Multi-Path inspection algorithm, quick recipe setup, automatic region detection, and letter/artwork elimination makes geometry testing smarter than ever. Learn More

Mixed Mode Bead Lube System

Reduce machine downtime by purchasing a Drive Roll Bead Luber to automatically handle a full range of tires arriving at the machine. The integrated barcode reader allows tires to be accurately positioned to simplify testing waveform/data analysis and enables offline marking. Learn More

Center Section Upgrades

Eliminate machine and tire damage from mischucked tires with our patented "fail-safe" system. A relatively inexpensive upgrade to your TU's center conveyor system improves cycle time with better repeatability and fewer mischucks. Learn More

Gain more value from your existing Tire Geometry Systems

Troy Anenson, President of the Poling Group’s CTI Division, recently introduced an innovative new concept at the Tire Technology Expo 2022, in Hannover Germany, titled “Deep Learning for Visual Inspection and Classification of Tire Defects”. This concept involves using already captured 3D tire geometry images to a train a deep learning AI model to automatically recognize and classify tire defects. This software is a small investment that allows a tire factory to gain even more value from its prior large investment in tire geometry systems.

A detailed explanation of this new concept can be viewed HERE in PDF format. Please contact us today to see how the Visual Inspection System can be implemented in your tire factory.

Geometry Testing Has Never Been Smarter!

We’ve designed the controller, the software, and the transport to make a seamless and comprehensive surface analysis system.
Interchangeable Hot Stamp / Decal (LTA) Marking Assembly

The Poling Group is introducing a new option for our existing Hot Stamp (Hot Foil) marking system. While keeping the same controls mounting base, easily change your Hot Stamp marking head with a clear tape decal marker for OE tires.

This interchangeable solution saves time and money, creating flexibility for internal or external marking on a Poling Group uniformity machine.


Five Divisions with One Goal ; Remain a trusted, world-class supplier of tire testing, rubber machinery, and software to the tire manufacturing industry

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