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Lab Testing
Customizable to Fit Your Needs

The Poling Group offers a complete line
of durability, endurance, force & moment,
and rolling resistance testers
designed to properly qualify
tires for the international


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Motorcyle Tire Uniformity

The new Poling Group MCX75
builds on the success of the proven
CX111, applying the same smarter
controls faster through-put and
stronger frame to testing
motorcycle tires.


Dynamic Balance Testing

Place the DB-111 behind a CX111
TU machine to provide a one
source solution for Tire Testing
Grading, Marking and Sorting,
within a fully automated line.


Smarter. Faster. Stronger.

Advances like Waveform Validation and Correction and
30+ other patented ideas make our machines the most
accurate in the industry.

Test thousands and thousands of tires per day with
Poling Group's CX111 and Final Finish Host providing
1-direction tire testing assistance.


Another Poling Group Difference:
We customize our sales process and
product offerings to help you meet unique
manufacturing goals and priorities
(just like we customize our machines
for the way you do business!)
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Poling Group's Interchangeable Hot Stamp / Decal (LTA) Marking Assembly.
Poling Group Decal Marker
The Poling Group is introducing a new option for our existing Hot Stamp (Hot Foil) marking system. While keeping the same controls mounting base, easily change your Hot Stamp marking head with a clear tape decal marker for OE tires. This interchangeable solution saves time and money, creating flexibility for internal or external marking on a Poling Group uniformity machine. View More Information

Geometry Testing Laser Verification Wheel
Geometry verification wheelThe Poling Group's new Tire Geometry Testing Verification Wheel provides the quickest way possible to verify your LRO/RRO geometry testing lasers. The verification wheel chucks directly on your testing machine's current rims (up to 20") and therefore requires no machine requalifying after verification.

Lateral Runout (LRO) : Both sidewall faces consist of four bulge/depression plates of varying heights. A ring on the outer 1" has a height variant of .15" for precision verification.
Radial Runout (RRO) :Three bands on the 'tread' side of the wheel each have a different height variant to verify RRO laser measurements. View More Information
Poling Group Products & Services Catalog
Poling Group Product Catalog
View the Poling Group's latest 'Products and Services Catalog' to see the latest machines offerings, updates, services, and software in PDF format.

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