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Remote / On-site Support
Remote Support Services

The Poling Group leverages the internet to provide remote support to our customers on a 24/7/365 basis. This option is available for any machine that uses our controllers, or for any computer or integration project we’ve installed to perform data acquisition, storage, and reporting.

What we can do: Customers that utilize this option appreciate not having to schedule, wait, and then pay for service personnel just to arrive on site.

It certainly provides the most cost-effective support solution for customers who consider us a partner in their efforts to achieve manufacturing excellence.

On-site Support Services

Local support is available to customers who prefer it or when the support situation requires it.

Typical On-site support we provide: All support is provided by Poling Group personnel who have extensive machine experience acquired in our production facility and in customer sites all over the world.

Our support engineers are also actively involved in product development. This enables them to evaluate and even adapt our machines in the field to provide the best fit for our customers’ unique manufacturing operations.

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