Motorcycle TU

Advances like WVC, MECC, TAir, and 30+ other patented ideas make our machines the most accurate in the industry.

Test thousands and thousands of tires per day with Poling Group's MCX75 and Final Finish Host, providing 1-direction tire testing assistance.

Recent advances in Poling Group technology allow our machines to test millions of tires before major wear parts need attention.
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MCX75 Motorcycle TU
Center Conveyor Section
Optional Exit Station Marker
The new Poling Group MCX75 Tire Uniformity Tester builds on the success of the proven CX111 TU, applying the same smarter controls, faster through-put, and stronger frame to testing motorcycle tires.

Waveform Validation and Correction

A proprietary analysis of key machine parameters combining: Waveform Validation will identify the poorly performing air regulator shown in this force graph, and Waveform Correction will remove its unwanted effect on the accuracy and repeatability of the radial force measurement.

THE RESULT: The most accurate and consistent measurement possible along with industry leading speed and measurement repeatability sigma.

TDAQ - Tire Data Acquisition

Innovative and practical, TDAQ was specially developed by Poling Group to apply modern technology to test data acquisition.

Because a single TDAQ can process load cell and pressure transducer signals, two TDAQ cables (power and Ethernet) now efficiently replace the many wires leading back to the control panel of traditional tire test machines.

THE RESULT: Simplified wiring, combined with data acquisition located closer to the source, produce stronger and cleaner signals to bring about a substantial increase in resolution.

TTOC6 Controller

Our latest TTOC6 controller features new motion algorithms for tire sequencing, along with Waveform Validation and Correction software.

A testing machine with a TTOC6 and TDAQ data acquisition system can process tires SEVERAL seconds faster than any prior or currently competing machine.

THE RESULT: Now, your machines can satisfy production demands by testing, marking, and sorting more than 3 tires every minute while maintaining industry-required measurement repeatability.

Air Learn Software

The CX111 was the first generation of tire test machines to use Poling Group’s new Air Learn software, and the overwhelming success of the system has now been applied to our MCX75 motorcycle TU and X150 Truck/Bus TU. Air Learn software monitors the machine's air regulation performance and adjusts the bead seat air release to more quickly stabilize tire inflation to the desired set point

The MCX75 also features a new servo-driven regulator that is less prone to failure due to contaminated air supplies.

THE RESULT: Poling Group’s improved air system delivers a faster load cycle, better measurement, and significantly reduced cycle time.

Automatic Adjustable Width Chuck (AAWC)

Updates to the AAWC stem increase cycle life and reduce failure: THE RESULT: A stronger design with superior availability, greatly increasing uptime to help you reach your throughput goals.

Patented Main Spindle Assembly

Our patented "cartridge" design main spindle assembly, now a standard feature for all Poling Group TU Testers, makes it possible to completely replace a test machine spindle assembly in about 3 hours, greatly reducing changeover downtime.

With properly trained associates, you can rebuild the assembly in the plant workshop.

Or, take advantage of our spindle exchange program - replace your worn-out spindle with our factory rebuilt cartridge assembly, then return the old spindle to us. We'll only charge you for the necessary replacement parts and rebuild labor.

THE RESULT: Stronger spindle assembly is easier to maintain with our after-market service.

* Machine is CE Certified

Machine Specs
Outside Diameter
Min 22 in
Max 32 in
558 mm
813 mm
Rim Width
Min 3 in
Max 11 in
Cross Section Width
Max 13.5 in
343 mm
Tire Loading
Max 4,000 lbs
1,780 daN
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