Model 1342
Sidewall Buffer
Increase productivity and reduce downtime.

These Firwood~ASM Sidewall Buffers satisfy both requirements. The Model 1325 & 1342 are precise and unique sidewall buffers due to their incredibly sturdy frame and locking chucks with a 100 PSI specification.

And like all Poling Group products, it's built to last!

* Mandatory guard rails not pictured in
  photography to show machine details
* Machine is CE Certified

Standard Features

Model 1342 Specifications
Outside Diameter
Min 20 in
Max 42 in
508 mm
1,067 mm
Bead Diameter
Min 12 in
Max 22 in
Min 305 mm
Max 559 mm
Pass Through
Max 14.5 in
(Opt) 18.5 in
368 mm
(Opt) 470 mm
Inflation Pressure
Max 100 psi
689 kPa
Spindle Speed
6 - 58 RPM
Buffing Wheel
6000 RPM
Chuck Bead Spacing
6 in adjustment
152 mm Upper to Lower
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