Laboratory RFT
Run Flat Tire Tester
The Hasbach Division Run Flat Tire Tester is available to test Run Flat Tires for Passenger Car/ Light Trucks.

Hasbach Division lab testers come in single station or multiple station designs. Multiple Station Machines use one loadwheel to test more than one tire / size at the same time.

The Run Flat Tire Tester can perform the following tests at up to four stations.

The Run Flat Tire Tester can log the following measurements :

* Mandatory guard rails not pictured in photography to show machine details
* Machine is CE Certified
Standard Features
  • Windows Based Industrial PC Controller
  • Frictionless loadwheel carriage
  • Slip angle assembly
  • Camber assembly
  • Lateral force measuring
  • Servo-driven spindles
  • PLC controller Siemens / Allen Bradley
  • Tire burst detection unit
  • Run-Flat Tire test program and hardware
Optional Equipment
  • Machine guards
  • Automated data collection system
  • Drum brake
  • Machine guards
  • Precision test rims
  • 6 axes load cell
  • Force & Moment Test Program
  • Tire inflation and regulation unit

RFT Specifications
Outside Diameter
Min 15.7 in
Max 43.3 in
400 mm
1,100 mm
Rim Width
Min 3 in
Max 17 in
Cross Section Width
Max 19.6 in
500 mm
Tread Width
Max 17.7 in
450 mm
Inflation Pressure
Max 95 psi
655 kPa
Spindle Speed
Max 100 mph
Max Test Load
Max 4,500 lbf
2,000 daN
Loadwheel Dimensions
2 diameters available
dia.1 : 67.1 in
dia.2 : 78.7 in
width 19.7 in
dia.1 : 1,707 mm
dia.2 : 2,000 mm
width 500 mm
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