Tire/Wheel Assembly Tester
With the ASM TWA-18, automotive companies can now test tire/wheel assemblies in time to keep pace with line speed.

Advanced Data Collection

The TTOC6 controller utilizes proprietary TDAQ hardware that produces stronger and cleaner signals to increase resolution substantially.

Faster Cycle Time

The TWA uses a servo motor lift and TTOC6 software like Waveform Validation and Correction (WVC) and Machine Effect Characterization and Compensation (MECC) to achieve a faster and more repeatable cycle time.

* Mandatory guard rails not pictured in photography to show machine details
* Machine is CE Certified

Standard Features
  • TTOC6 machine controller
  • TDAQ - Tire Data Acquisition
  • Timing belt center conveyor
  • Anti-mischuck system
  • Precision collet chuck assembly
  • Variable speed spindle motor
  • Precision spindles and bearings
  • Frictionless loadwheel carriage
  • Loadwheel carriage servo motor
  • Hold down cylinder assembly
Optional Equipment
  • Machine guards
  • Increased bead diameter (to 24in)
  • Data reporting system (FFH)
  • Entry conveyor integrated with bead lube system and/or Barcode reader
  • Precision Chucking Tool
  • Radial/Lateral runout assemblies
  • Marking Assemblies
  • Quick rim change system
  • Multi-level sorting conveyors

TWA-18 Specifications
Outside Diameter
Min 20 in
Max 36 in
508 mm
914 mm
Rim Width
Min 3 in
Max 15 in
Cross Section Width
Max 19.6 in
500 mm
Tread Width
Max 17.7 in
450 mm
Spindle Speed
Max 120 RPM
Max Test Load
Max 3,000 lbf
1,300 daN
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