Agriculture Tire Radial Runout Tester
The AG-2540 provides total indicated runout (TIR) readings for agricultural tires that travel over 50 MPH.

The tire rotates at 30 RPM during the test, which takes about three minutes per tire.

Standard Features
  • TTOC6 machine controller
  • TDAQ - Tire Data Acquisition
  • 2 entry conveyor sections
  • Tire pre-stage centering conveyor
  • Main machine conveyor
  • Gravity exit conveyor
  • Quick inflate system
  • Hydraulic variable speed spindle motor
  • Hydraulic actuated carriages
  • Automated radial runout assembly
  • Integrated upper/lower bead luber
  • 3-30 HP motor hydraulic system
  • 1000 gallon air supply tank

Optional Equipment
  • Marking station
  • Stepped rims
  • Rim change caddies
  • Tire loading bumper
  • Tire exit bumper
  • Powered exit conveyor

AG2540 Specifications
Outside Diameter
Min 36 in
Max 100 in
914 mm
2,540 mm
Cross Section Width
Max 60 in
1,524 mm
Tread Width
Max 60 in
1,524 mm
Inflation Pressure
Max 40 psi
276 kPa
Spindle Speed
Max 30 RPM
Bead Diameter
Min 20 in
Max 56 in
508 mm
1,422 mm
Tire Weight
Max 1,000 lb
454 kg
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