Machine Remanufacturing
Tire Uniformity

Our 3 tier approach maximizes your investment by incrementally improving your equipment. And we can tailor any tier to meet your specific needs.

The Poling Group can fully remanufacture any Tire Uniformity testing machine, even if we didn't originally make it. This includes : D70, D70-LTX, D90, FD90, M91, X75, X100, X150, CX111, MCX75. Don't see your machine on the list? Use the form at the bottom of the page to ask us about it.

TIER Controllers and Data Acquisition Upgrade

Replace your obsolete computer and data acquisition system with our TTOC6 computer and TDAQ data acquisition system - and keep your machine operational. This alone will greatly increase testing accuracy and repeatability, and does not require Tier 2 or Tier 3 upgrades.

Latest Control Technology with TTOC6
Increased Resolution for all measurements
Quick Installation Turnaround Minimizes Production Downtime.

TIER Electrical Panel Upgrade

Improve testing machine accuracy, uptime and maintainability, with an Electrical Panel Upgrade. Electrical Panel Upgrades require a previous Tier1 upgrade.

TIER Remanufacturing and Upgrades

The Poling Group offers more than 30 different machine & tooling options and upgrades. Remanufacturing requires previous Tier1 and Tier2 upgrades.

The Poling Group has extensive experience helping our customers . .
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Five Divisions with One Goal ; We are committed to being a globally trusted source for tire-testing equipment & software, factory data management, rubber processing equipment, and engineering solutions.

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