Management Bios

David Poling, Sr. - Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Poling is a graduate of The University of Akron with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. Mr. Poling has extensive experience in the specification, design, and building of engineered products for the rubber, steel, and plastics industries. His experience includes project work with global manufacturing and distribution companies in the rubber, plastics, chemicals, and steel industries.

Mr. Poling has served as the President of Akron Steel Fabricators, Akron Special Machinery Inc., and the Poling Group. Under Mr. Poling’s leadership, the companies comprising the Poling Group have greatly expanded their products and services capabilities by acquiring complementary businesses and growth of the organization to over 100 associates.

In 2020, while not retiring, Mr. Poling has decided to take on more of an advisory role within the Poling Group of companies. This decision demonstrates his trust and respect in the Poling Group management team moving forward.

With the Poling Group since : Founding in 1978

David Poling, Jr. – Chief Operations Officer

David Poling, Jr, CFO of the Poling Group since 2003, is stepping into the role of Chief Operating Officer and will take over the day-to-day operations and decision making for the Poling Group. David joined ASM in 1978 and has learned the tire industry from the ground up. His extensive experience includes all facets of shop floor machining, project management, production scheduling, and quality control.

With the Poling Group since : Founding in 1978

Brian Mitchell - President

An associate of ASM since 1979, Mr. Mitchell’s career has given him special knowledge of tire testing equipment that spans both customer and manufacturing points of view.

In field service, Mr. Mitchell spent significant time directing the installation, start up, and maintenance of ASM equipment in tire factories across the globe. That experience, combined with years of machine production and remanufacturing effort, uniquely qualifies Mr. Mitchell to ensure that Poling Group customers receive cost-effective equipment that meets and exceeds their most stringent processing requirements.

With the Poling Group since : 1979

Troy Anenson - President

Mr. Anenson joined CTI in 1989 and is currently President of the CTI Division. He has a wealth of experience in factory automation projects using Unix/Linux applications interfaced with a various PLCs. He also has multiple patents. Additionally, Mr. Anenson designed and implemented many integrated systems for Goodyear, Bridgestone/Firestone, Continental Tire, GM, FedEx, Timken, and other corporate clients. He was also one of the original developers of CTI’s TTOC (Tire Testing & Optimization Controller) and led its design and support team for many years.

As President, Mr. Anenson provides leadership to the CTI Division, and CTI’s engineering involvement with the other divisions in the Poling Group.

With the Poling Group since : 1989

John McCarthy - Vice President, Software Systems

Mr. McCarthy has been with CTI since 1986. He has extensive experience with tire and rubber factory Information systems. Mr. McCarthy has been involved in the design and implementation of a rubber mixing control system, compound quality lab systems, the implementation and enhancement of an in-process inventory management system spanning mixing to tire building, a final finish tire processing, and routing system, and over twenty years of experience in tire final finish room data collection and distribution.

Today he leads the CTI Division's FFH (Final Finish Host) and TFFIS (Tire Factory Floor Information System) development and support teams, in addition to overseeing the development of our recent TWave software

With the Poling Group since : 1986

Alexander Hasbach - President

Mr. Hasbach, registered in Germany as a State Qualified Mechanical Engineer, is a graduate of the College of Technology in Cologne and a recognized expert in tire endurance testing design.

Mr. Hasbach’s international career includes increasing responsibility with Hasbach, HaWiTec, and Akron Special Machinery. Along with experience in project management, equipment design, feasibility studies, equipment specification, and product development, he brings a unique global perspective to his current position as President of the Hasbach Division.

With the Poling Group since : 2001

Leon Poole - President

Mr. Poole has been with ASF since 1987 and has held various titles over the years, including engineer, manager of system controls, plant operating manager, and executive vice president. He was promoted to President of the ASF Division in 2020 and continues to lead the division focusing on quality and innovation in the rubber industry.

With the Poling Group since : 1987

Stephen M. Ericson - Vice President

Mr. Ericson has over 30 years of experience in the tire and automotive machine building industry. He earned his degree in engineering design from Western Michigan University, where he was President of the Engineering Association.

Mr. Ericson worked in the family business, Firwood Manufacturing Company, as its Chief Design Engineer. During this time, he also worked on a training program at a major US tire plant and learned the complete tire manufacturing process. Mr. Ericson’s designs include: automotive assembly equipment, tube benders, wire antenna machine, white sidewall grinders, and skivers. Mr. Ericson joined the Poling Group in 2003 as Vice President of the Firwood Division, where he continues to design and produce world-class equipment

With the Poling Group since : 2003


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