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ASF Calenders

Since 1946, Akron Steel Fabricators (ASF) has supplied the rubber industry with consistent, dependable, and productive calenders, and calender line equipment.

Serving the tire, rubber, plastic and steel industries, ASF offers a full line of proven standard machinery products, including new calenders and ancillary equipment, mill blenders in a wide range of sizes, slab loader cutters, and batch-off machines for large and small mixing operations.

Our OEM line has provided excellent performance and long-term cost-effectiveness in manufacturing applications worldwide. We can offer a solution for you.

Standard Features
  • Standard and custom roll configurations
  • Side frames of solid steel burnouts
  • Roll positioning options - Full hydraulic - Full motorized - Hybrid combination
  • Individually driven rolls
  • Crown compensation systems to suit the product
  • Standalone pinion stands
Optional Equipment
  • Tilting bankboards
  • Trim knife assemblies
  • Blister breakers
  • Bank controls
  • Pressure rolls
  • Selvage edge handling
  • Spreader rolls

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