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The History of ASM-Akron Special Machinery

In 1978 David Poling Sr., founder and president of the Poling Group started his first engineering company, Akron Special Machinery. With determination and innovation, Poling continually guided his company toward becoming a world-class equipment supplier for the tire industry. After enhancing his company's capabilities by entering the manufacturing field in 1983, Armstrong Tire Company hired ASM to rebuild tire uniformity machines. This opportunity allowed Poling to sharpen ASM's design expertise and conceive of improvements that could be made to this small, but essential field of machinery production.

ASM drastically improved tire testing machine potential in 2001, when they produced and installed the first X-Frame TU, the X100. This groundbreaking design distributes the forces on the machine evenly throughout its frame to maintain more accurate, and therefore faster, testing results. ASM has since expanded the X Series to include the CX111 TU (tests all current passenger and light truck tires), and the X150 TU (tests truck/bus commercial vehicle tires), all taking advantage of the X-frame technology. Two decades later, the X-Frame series of TU testers continually proves to be the pinnacle of tire testing capability, durability, and technology.

Today's Focus

The Poling Group's ASM Division continues to focus on the final finish area of tire testing, continuously innovating and refining the CX111 and X150 TU tire testers. Almost every software and hardware aspect of the Tire Uniformity Machine has been reimagined and reengineered, from tire inflation, automatic adjustable width chucks, lubing systems, grinding, marking, and electrical systems to data acquisition, product traceability, and geometry inspection.

The ASM Division offers over 30 options and upgrades to their line of X-Series TU testers to let tire manufacturers completely customize our products to their specific needs. And every machine is supported with 24/7 remote support, available on-site support, a 'spindle exchange' program, and spare parts for every machine they've ever made.

In addition to the ASM Division's tire uniformity machines, they also manufacture other machines for the final finish line, such as Tire/Wheel Assembly Testing, Tire Geometry, Balance Testing, Profile Generating, and Universal Flash Trimming.

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CX111 TU
Bead Lube System with Barcode Spotting
Auto-Position Shoulder Grinders
MCX75 Motorcycle Tire TU
PGM-Profile Generating Machine

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