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Akron Steel Fabricators (ASF)

ASF has held the ASME Certificate of Authorization along with the "U" (new build) and "R" (repair) stamps for building non-fired pressure vessels since 1958.
Located in the hub of the rubber machinery manufacturing industry, ASF’s 42,000 sq. ft. facility in Akron, Ohio provides a comprehensive range of design, engineering and manufacturing services to companies around the world.
Established in 1946, ASF has been recognized throughout the tire and rubber industries as an innovator. We've developed several standard lines of equipment that have won wide praise as some of the most dependable, consistent and productive available. This vast industry knowledge and the experience of our in-house staff allows us to build a high level of reliability into everything we manufacture.
Our worldwide experience in developing and manufacturing custom equipment makes ASF the place to turn to for both proven OEM machinery solutions and fast response on custom fabrication needs. In return, you'll get the superior engineering and manufacturing capabilities that you can really count on.
We offer a full menu of in-house services, from custom CAD design and engineering to fabrication and assembly.
Serving the tire, rubber, plastic and steel industries, ASF offers a full line of proven standard machinery products, including new calenders and ancillary equipment, mill blenders in a wide range of sizes, slab loader cutters and batch-off machines for large and small mixing operations. Our OEM line has provided excellent performance and long term cost-effectiveness in manufacturing applications around the world. We can offer a solution for you.
In addition, we design and manufacture other specialized processing equipment, including tread cooling lines, tire press steam domes, custom wind-ups/let-offs and modernized control systems for other types of machinery. ASF is also a recognized leader in the manufacture of cooling drums, offering an innovative three-pass configuration that uses a proprietary design for more even cross-drum cooling. Our capabilities extend from complete drum and stand assemblies to advanced drum retrofits for existing systems.
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3291 Manchester Road
Akron OH 44319
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