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Commercial Timesharing, Inc. (CTI)

CTI is certified ISO 9001:2015 with design (View Certificate)

CTI (Commercial Timesharing Inc.) initially offered software and computing services in 1978, when the expense of a computer system was driven by high hardware costs. By developing custom software implemented on time-shared minicomputers, CTI enabled multiple companies to take advantage of the latest technology in a cost effective way. As the cost of computers dropped, CTI moved with the market to provide software solutions and engineering services to a variety of manufacturers from tire, automotive, steel and other specialized industries.
We have always been forward-thinking—anticipating, designing, and implementing solutions whenever we identify new technology that will benefit our customers. Here are some notable examples:
Adopted UNIX/LINUX to create real-time, robust, virus-resistant applications
Created a diskless, industrialized, PC computer that enabled our customers to set up workstations where they needed them -- on the factory floor
Developed a transaction processing system to insure chronological delivery of production data in the event of network disruptions
Designed PLCIO, our tool of choice for application communication to a variety of PLCs
In the early 1990's CTI was contracted to build control technology for tire uniformity machines (TUO). CTI soon licensed and eventually purchased this and other technologies, refined it, and now offers its TTOC TUO controller and the laser-based TSAS - Tire Surface Analysis System to the tire industry to improve cycle time, increase testing accuracy, and reduce down time.

Innovation continued with the development of applications to manage these systems—applications that allow CTI and our customers to monitor, configure and support our control systems real-time, from anywhere in the world.
CTI proudly provides the TDAQ family of products to complement our TTOC6 controller in the task of tire data acquisition. Performing data acquisition physically closer to the source results in stronger and cleaner signals, bringing about a substantial increase in resolution. In the almost 10 years since our first TDAQ deployment, nearly 400 have been installed and only 10 have had failures!!

Today, in addition to continuously redefining and modernizing our control systems we’ve expanded our offerings to include advanced analytics and Business Intelligence software. After seeing the performance gains CTI achieved for the retail and financial community, we’re excited about helping our tire manufacturing customers improve operations management with Manufacturing Intelligence. Of course, adoption of BI/MI strategies can result in  the need to store and manage vast amounts of data. To mitigate that cost and assist our BI/MI clients we’ve added data hosting as a service. The name Commercial Timesharing Inc. still applies 
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2740 Cory Ave
Akron OH 44314-1396
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