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Many Poling Group customers have worked with Alexander Hasbach, President of ASM-Hasbach. But they may not realize that Alexander continues as the fourth generation in a Hasbach family tradition of machine design and engineering excellence.

The original family business actually began in 1898 in the city of Bergisch Gladbach, located in the Cologne/Bonn region of Germany. Alexander’s great-grandfather, Wilhelm Hasbach, began production by specializing in heavy machinery fabrication.

Alexander’s grandfather, Joseph, developed the first drum testing machine in the late 1930’s to test vulcanized rubber-covered road wheels produced by Bayer for track operated vehicles. Over time, Hasbach redesigned the testing machine to accommodate pneumatic tires.

Under Alexander’s father, Werner, the Hasbach tire testing machine was brought to the next level with the appearance of electronic drive controls to replace the previous dead-weight operation. Hasbach also expanded its offerings to include tire high speed and characteristic testers. 
Hasbach’s first interaction with the Poling Group occurred in the late 1990’s when they collaborated with Akron Special Machinery and CTI to develop a high speed uniformity testing machine to evaluate tires, in a production environment, for a global tire manufacturer.

When Hasbach became an official part of the Poling Group in 2001, the addition of its laboratory tire testing machines fit in perfectly with PG’s existing line of production testing machines. The Hasbach knowledge base built from the development of key R&D equipment also enhanced Poling Group’s expertise related to tire characteristics and dynamics.

The Hasbach name and family tradition has brought a unique global perspective to the Poling Group in the design, manufacturing, and customer service areas. And that tradition continues with ASM-Hasbach’s introduction of its Rolling Resistance tester, which provides testing needed to produce the fuel efficiency rating for Europe’s EC 1222/2009 tire labeling requirements. 
ASM-Hasbach invested a great deal of development effort in the Rolling Resistance tester. For example, considerable time was spent in a “learn-by-doing” mode in a cooperative effort with leading global tire manufacturers. The discovery process resulted in machine improvements that allow the ASM-Hasbach Rolling Resistance tester to consistently meet or come in well below the sigma required by ISO 28580, within the specified 1-tire 3-test procedure. 
From the 19th to the 21st century, the Hasbach family has contributed innovation to the tire testing industry and helped tire manufacturers all over the world satisfy customer and governmental requirements. Today, Alexander Hasbach continues in the family tradition of machine design and engineering excellence to ensure that Poling Group equipment remains SMARTER. FASTER. STRONGER.
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Hasbach Certificate of Merit
The original family business started 
with Wilhelm Hasbach, recognized in 
this handcrafted certificate of merit.