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Laboratory Testing

Final Finish


Mill Room / Mixing




Mill Room / Mixing Equipment

Slab Feeder
Cuts up to 3 thicknesses with an occasional fold
Knives and Anvil are made from Tool Steel
Heavy duty gears used to drive the cutter
OSHA guards including conveyor safety cable
Heavy duty frame and stand
Slab Feeder
The S2S series offers a quick change knife cartridge, allowing customers to quickly adjust for multiple strip sizes. 
Batch Off Equipment
Available in sizes and capacities to meet your requirements
Takeaway conveyors, dip tanks
Stainless steel anti-tack and dip tank
Cooling racks designed to hold maximum amount of rubber stock
Mill Blender
The Poling Group company, has positioned itself as a leader throughout mill blender evolution with innovation that focuses on the “four Cs”: Clean, Consistent, Controllable, and Compact.