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NG1270 Slab Cutter/Feeder

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The heavy duty cutter frame is fabricated from plate and structural steel. The precision machined cutter and anvil are mounted on piloted bearings and installed into line bored housings. The piloted bearings are double row spherical roller bearings. The cutter and anvil are driven by a fixed speed gear-motor and gears mounted to the anvil and cutter
The support stand is fabricated from plate and structural steel. The stand requires secure mounting to the floor.

The conveyor frame is fabricated from structural steel. The conveyor belt is Hot Stock and Water, and is driven by a variable speed gear-motor and pulleys. The conveyor is supplied with take-ups for tracking and belt tensioning.
The cut pieces are dropped onto a weigh conveyor for precise measurement. As the cut pieces reach the targeted weight the conveyor slows down allowing the pieces to get smaller until the targeted weight is reached. This reduces labor costs and provides for more accurate weighing.
Standard Features
Cuts up to 3 thicknesses with an occasional fold
Knives and Anvil are made from Tool Steel
Heavy duty gears used to drive the cutter
OSHA guards including conveyor safety cable
Heavy duty frame and stand
Optional Equipment
Complete drive and control packages
Plastic belt with pneumatic take-up
Centralized lubrication system
Integrated Weigh and Charge conveyors.
Sized to fit your stock requirements
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