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TTOC6 Machine Controller
Modernize your old Tire Uniformity Machine with the TTOC6 Controller and TDAQ Family of Data Acquisition products.

The TTOC6 Controller boasts patented tire testing and grinding algorithms, easy to write TBASIC grading software, and superior diagnostics, which provide the most accurate and consistent measurements possible. And customers appreciate the modern solutions of easier maintenance, guided troubleshooting, and a robust graphical user interface.

The TDAQ family of data acquisition products was specially developed by The Poling Group to apply modern technology to tire uniformity testing. Its simplified wiring, and location being closer to the source, produces stronger and cleaner signals, bringing about a substantial increase in data resolution.  With over 500 TDAQs in the field within the last decade and only 12 failures, never in the history of tire testing has there been a more reliable way to collect and analyze tire data!

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TTOC6 Machine Controller
TTOC6's improved capability, simplified maintenance, and easy to use graphic-based UI makes it the smartest and most robust controller available.
TAIR - Tire Automatic Inflation Regulator
We designed this new air regulation system to be the perfect complement to our proprietary and recently released WVC (Waveform Validation and Correction) method of tire testing. 
TDAQ - Tire Data Acquisition
Innovative and practical, TDAQ was specially developed by Poling Group to apply modern technology to the task of test data acquisition.
TDAQ - Tire Data Acquisition
Mobile Panels allow setup and maintenance personnel to control a machine component from a location near the component of interest.
TDAQ - Tire Data Acquisition
The encoder kit provides a 2,000 point per revolution quadrature encoder in a hollow shaft design