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Tire Testing Machine Options / Upgrades

Geometry Testing Systems
TSAS - Tire Surface Analysis System
With Our Tire Surface Analysis System,Geometry Testing Has Never Been Smarter! We’ve designed the controller, the software, and the transport to make a seamless and comprehensive surface analysis system.
Runout Transport
Availalbe as a retrofit option, the same transport can be used for radial runout, lateral runout, and sidewall inspection
Low Cost Radial Runout
Poling Group's Low Cost Radial Runout utilizes sealed linear bearing slide for long life and long term accuracy of the measurement system.
Radial Runout Replacement Probes
The laser is packaged to directly replace ANY existing contact or non-contact sensors (capacitive, LVDT and DCDT). Compatible with any existing tire test controller because it is electrically/mechanically equivalent to the probe it replaces.