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Tire Testing Machine Options / Upgrades
Tire Positioning
Poling Group's patented Drive Roll Bead Lube automatically handles full range of tire sizes, and easily integrates with a bar code reader to perform tire indexing. It is available for all tire uniformity and geometry machines.
The Poling Group Auto-Adjust Width Chuck is easily retrofitted to all uniformity and geometry machines, and is hydraulically operated by a patented dual piston cylinder. Recent improvements include a deeper undercut diameter along the nose cone, an increased number of grease grooves, and larger grease feed holes.
This versatile unit is superior to the old roller conveyor design for a wide range of tires, including light truck, low profile, high performance, regular passenger, and motorcycle tires.
The stripping wheel retracts into an opening in the uniformity machine head, which provides additional free space around the tire that can be used to install measuring, marking, or other devices to the machine.
The improved retrofit design utilizes linear bearings to provide a rigid sliding member to resist the side forces present when stripping the tire from the tire machine rim and directly replaces the original design.
This system uses photo-eye sensors and PLC logic to monitor tire position during chuck-up. Should the tire not center properly, the chuck retracts and then rechucks the tire to correct its position.
Add a multi-level sorter to any testing machine to route tested or graded tires to specific downstream processing lines.
Two, three or four levels are available. Heights are designed to customer specification.