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Frictionless Loadwheel Carriage System

Frictionless Loadwheel Carriage
The Poling Group frictionless loadwheel carriage system provides a precise, smooth, frictionless means of moving the loadwheel during the testing cycle on tire uniformity machines.
The inherent qualities of the flat-way or cross rollerway linear motion bearing we use guarantee a precision unattainable with existing "L" gib designs.
The initial close tolerance setup of the "L" gib design subjects it to wear, damage, and accumulation of foreign material. These in turn affect the ease of movement, positioning, and alignment of the loadwheel relative to the tire.
The frictionless loadwheel carriage system is available as a retrofit for existing machines. Choose either THK or cross roller style linear motion bearings when ordering.

PATENTS : 5323646, 5363698
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