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PGM Whitepaper
Products & Services Brochure
An abbreviated look at the new and trusted product offerings by the Poling Group.
Product Brochures and Updates
TTOC6 Whitepaper
TTOC6 - Tire Testing & Optimization Controller
by CTI, a Poling Group Company
FFH Whitepaper
TDAQ - Tire Data Acquisition
by CTI, a Poling Group Company
FFH Whitepaper FFH - Final Finish Host
by CTI, a Poling Group Company
FFH Whitepaper TSAS - Tire Surface Analysis System
by CTI, a Poling Group Company
FFH Whitepaper TWave - Tire Waveform Analysis
by CTI, a Poling Group Company
Poling Group White Papers
PGM Whitepaper
Tire Test Data : Using MI for Product/Process Improvement
Testing Innovation in the tire industry comes from experience, creativity, and technology. While experience provides the expertise necessary to identify problems, technology is the key to efficiently using that expertise to quickly identify and solve those problems.
by Christy Felix and Tracy Stevanov,  Commercial Timesharing, Inc. (CTI)
PGM Whitepaper
Higher Tire Grading Yields with TTOC6 Software Algorithms
Learn how TTOC6 reduces unnecessary downgrading of tires that meet target limits.
by Dan Furst,  Commercial Timesharing, Inc. (CTI)
WVC Whitepaper
Waveform Validation and Correction
In 2009 CTI decided to develop a smarter way to begin measurement acquisition for a uniformity test, rather than just waiting a fixed amount of time for tire stabilization. Less than three years later we surpassed that goal and produced Waveform Validation and Correction (WVC) – an entirely new and proprietary way of collecting, evaluating and processing tire uniformity measurement information.
by Ronald Symens, President of CTI, a Poling Group company
Finding the Balance Whitepaper
Finding the Right Balance: Capability, Capacity, and Durability
This white paper discusses how these variables affect the value of a tire test machine, and how tire manufacturers evaluate them differently when considering the purchase of a machine to test their own unique products.
by Ronald Symens, President of CTI, a Poling Group company
PGM Whitepaper
PGM - Profile Generating Machine
A fully automated Profile Generating Machine has been developed to provide accurate correction of radial run-out, radial force, and conicity.
by Brian Mitchell, Akron Special Machinery
As Seen In "Polymers & Tyre Asia" Publication
PGM Whitepaper
Tyre Profile Generating : Good for Customers, Good for Environment
Since 1975, when the US mandated Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards, automakers have been under constant pressure to increase the fuel efficiency of their vehicles.
As they looked for cost-effective ways to meet fuel economy standards, automakers turned to their tyre suppliers. And the tyre industry responded, developing OE tyres that were lighter, with new constructions that used more sophisticated tread compounds. Read More
PGM Whitepaper

Uptime Solutions for Rubber Mixing Operations

Poling Group company Akron Steel Fabricators listened closely to their rubber producing customers who wanted to reduce blade change-out time for slab cutters – and in the process also found ways to keep the best of the traditional design while improving the machine to meet current and future customer needs.
The best of old and new is embodied and now available in ASF’s brand new rotary slab cutter, the Next Generation (NG) 1270. Read More

PGM Whitepaper
Customized Solutions for Tyre Standard Testing
The purchase of tyre testing machines requires a strategy that considers factors like the range of tyres being tested, the types of testing being performed, and the space available for the needed equipment. Upon developing a strategy,
a facility may find that “standard” tyre testing machines cannot fulfill all their requirements—or do so in the most cost effective way. Read More
PGM Whitepaper
Using Tyre Factory Data for Cost-Effective Growth
Spurred by global export opportunities, during the last decade Asian tyre companies introduced new product lines and experienced growth at an unprecedented rate. Looking ahead, increasing demand from the domestic market and rising OE tyre customer quality requirements will combine to pressure these same companies to achieve productivity gains while improving quality. Read More
PGM Whitepaper
MECC : A Huge Step Forward in Tyre Uniformity Measurement Methods
This patent pending concept for characterisation of mechanical deficiencies and then compensation to mitigate the effect they have on the measurement is a huge step forward in advanced tyre uniformity measurement methods. In addition to enhanced measurement results for high spring rate tyres and even properly operating machines, the Machine Effect Characterisation and Compensation (MECC) process can provide a long lasting stop gap measure to achieve qualifying measurement results for a mechanically deficient machine prior to repair or overhaul. Read More
PGM Whitepaper
New Life for Old Tyre Testing Machines
Poling Group now offers its TTOC6 Upgrade Kit to give tyre makers a quick, economical, and easy way to replace controllers AND truly modernize their testing machines.
Unlike other replacement solutions that replace the computer while leaving the original analog data processing system in place, the Poling Group solution combines our TTOC6 controller and TDAQ data acquisition product with our latest software breakthroughs to help you satisfy your most demanding customers. Read More
TDAQ Whitepaper
EU Tyre Labeling - Big Challenges for Midsize Tyre Suppliers
The second quarter of 2012 finds tyre manufacturers still working to meet the technical requirements imposed by the new EU labeling mandate, EC No. 1222/2009, for passenger, light truck and truck tyres.
Many large, multinational tyre companies are promoting the systems they have in place to meet the EU requirements, including provision of point-of-sale data to their own “exclusive” dealers and retail outlets. However, the hallenges
of acquiring EU ratings, procuring labels, and supplying point-of-sale label data to a variety of distributors and independent tyre depots persist for midsized, growing companies who export tyres to Europe. For these manufacturers, meeting the mandate for tyres manufactured after 30 June 2012 remains a daunting task. Read More