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Installation / Start-up Services

We customize all services based on:
Type of Equipment  We can help you with a selected upgrade, one or more machines, or a machine line.
Customer Need  We can turnkey equipment installation / startup from point of delivery through qualification testing, or we can supply a single engineer to act as a working supervisor for your maintenance personnel or contractors.
Experience Level  Customers who receive their first machine appreciate the value they receive from a Poling Group startup team, while highly experienced customers typically require our services only for special projects like machine relocation.
Training Requirements  While customer feedback indicates that expert assistance is the best training tool, we’re fully prepared to provide any training you need -- from operator training for machine operation through troubleshooting at the schematic level.
Typical services include:
Installation of individual machines, upgrade components, and complete machine lines with your maintenance personnel or contractors
Startup and qualification of equipment to production level
Monitoring of production startup to determine and implement desired modifications
Train plant personnel in preventive maintenance, routine troubleshooting, and major machine/component repairs
Machine calibration and alignments
Rim inspection and testing
Machine relocation
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