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Tire Factory Floor Information System (TFFIS)

Still trying to get data from the shop floor to the top floor?

Our Tire Factory Floor Information System (TFFIS) has enabled tire plants to move data from machines to the plant data center since 1997.

The Power of TFFIS is in its flexibility
• TFFIS is customized from the ground up to meet each customer’s specific needs, whether that is inventory management, product routing, component traceability, or a combination of all
• TFFIS comes with 24/7 remote support, typically from the very people that designed and implemented the software
• TFFIS is user-friendly – we work with the plant to make sure the UI is coherent and understandable to all plant and management staff
Our customers have also used TFFIS to:
• Monitor production, from the banbury to the final finish department
• Route tires through complex conveyor systems in the final finish area • Verify processes, making sure the right product is processed by the right machine
• Communicate changing production conditions to operators, maintenance, truckers, and supervisors
• Maintain and view inventory real-time across the enterprise
• Implement product traceability
• Move actionable data from the production floor to plant and corporate data centers

TFFIS delivers accurate production accounting
• TFFIS can be accessed anywhere in the plant and uses point-of-production and mobile workstation access points to provide activity and inventory tracking based on tire barcode
• Count production from equipment controlled by relay logic, PLCs or PCs
• Reports deliver accurate reporting of production against designed objectives

Inventory management is an important TFFIS option
• Implement raw material or manufactured product inventory in all, or specific, areas of the plant
• TFFIS can automatically adjust inventory as product is produced and consumed

TFFIS Generated Reports

TFFIS delivers accurate production history
The Tire Production History report displays all production history of the tire, including if it was processed at an inspection station. The report also shows the next process for the tire in the final finish area.

TFFIS delivers extensive quality assurance
The Tire Lifetime Report displays a tire's information from when the tire was birthed to leaving the final finish area. Information includes the initial barcode scan, tire cure, tire build, inspections, tire rejections, and tire diverts, if they occur.

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