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TAIR - Tire Automatic Inflation Regulator

Tire Automatic Inflation Regulator
The Poling Group is pleased to announce the Tire Automatic Inflation Regulator (TAIR) system. We designed this new air regulation system to be the perfect complement to our proprietary and recently released WVC(Waveform Validation and Correction) method of tire testing. 

TAIR system hardware consists of:
  • Servo driven digital regulator
  • Air surge regulator
  • Air dryer/debris collector
  • Optioinal reverse direction air-assist valve
  • Industry standard two poppet valve system and muffler
  • Air supply blocking poppet valve
The TTOC testing machine controller directs the TAIR system, resulting in quick, yet accurate, adjustment of the air system to new inflation set points. This is of particular benefit if your testing machines process tires in mixed mode (lot size = 1), or your tests routinely require multiple pressure inflation set points.

Unlike analog alternatives that are highly susceptible to electrical noise, TAIR’s digital regulator does not change the pressure sporadically, or at inopportune times.
The TTOC machine controller uses its WVC software algorithms to “LEARN” about the tire testing machine, its air supply and the dynamics of the air system. After the bead-seat stage of inflation, the main valves are switched to enable the regulated tire test air supply. A resulting pressure “undershoot” response always follows this event, and the air regulation system must compensate for it.
Without WVC/TAIR, this process adds significant cycle time while the machine controller waits for inflation to reach set point. With WVC/TAIR, the additional time taken to reach the desired pressure set point is virtually eliminated. In this case, the point of quiescence (no further air adjustment) is reached almost instantly!
The same methodology actuates the main valves in the reverse direction to enable the air system to more quickly reach air pressure quiescence after tire reversal. As a result, air quiescence always occurs at the earliest point possible, remains stable throughout testing and makes the data more repeatable.
Any TTOC-controlled testing machine with WVC and TAIR can now measure more quickly, and with enhanced radial force repeatability. Another reason why Poling Group machines are SMARTER. FASTER. STRONGER.
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