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Tire Noise Tester for Anechoic Chamber

Tire Noise Tester for Anechoic Chamber
About the Tire Noise Tester
To correctly quantify tire noise, which is a necessary data point for all new tires in accordance with the new EC Tire Labeling act, tire manufacturers are turning to specialized “noise testing” laboratory machines. While these machines do not test on their own, they provide a means of driving and/or loading wheels for easier data acquisition.

The Poling Group Noise Tester is designed to be used as a wheel drive mechanism for analyzing the sounds produced by tires in contact with a road surface.
The machine is equipped with a load table located between two drums, on which a load cell-mounted running hub or vehicle axle can be attached for off-vehicle tire testing.

The load table and dual-drum drive, located below below floor level, drive one or two wheels of a vehicle supported by the drums. The drums are connected by a pneumatic clutch to enable one or two drum operation.

(2) 1,707mm diameter x 750mm wide drums
Single or Dual drum drive operator selectable by pneumatic clutch
200 kph (124 mph) max speed with ±0.1 kph of set value accuracy
0 kph to max speed acceleration in 90 seconds
4,000 DaN (8,992 lbs.) max load dual drum
2,000 DaN (4,496 lbs.) max load single drum
1,350 - 2,300mm (53.2 - 90.5”) wheel base width range
Load table capable of producing 4,000 DaN (8,992 lbs.) max load with ± 1% of set value accuracy
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