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TTOC6 Machine Controller

TTOC6 Machine Controller
Improved Capability
NEW Waveform Validation & Correction (WVC) software, which provides the most accurate and consistent measurement possible, with industry-leading speed and measurement repeatability sigma
NEW Air Learn software that monitors the machine's air regulation performance statistics to quickly stabilize tire inflation to the desired set point
NEW Integrated with our Tire Data Acquisition (TDAQ) product to substantially increase measurement resolution and improve noise immunity
NEW tire motion algorithms, along with WVC and TDAQ, allow a testing machine to test, mark, and sort more than 3 tires every minute, while maintaining industry-required measurement repeatability
Simplified Maintenance
Fewer electronic components, less points of failure, better reliability
Online help with video for tooling changes
Web-based message logs, servo setups and machine configuration
“Instant Message” support at machine any time, all the time
Adapts to your control methodology
Variety of customizable architectural implementations
Choose your PLC ( Allen-Bradley/Rockwell, Siemens, etc.)
Distributed or rack I/O
Same full-function TTOC6 on new CX111 or Tier 1 Upgrade
Easy to Use Graphic-Based UI
Machine visualization screens convey tire position and machine status "at a glance"
Real-time and oscilloscope plotting modes
Real-time production and maintenance statistics display on demand
Fits Your Business
Modular design for scalability enables phased approach  to tire testing improvements
Compact flash drive allows standalone operation and no data loss if plant network fails
Built-in and optional data acquisition and integration help you achieve shop floor and product traceability requirements
TSAS-Tire Surface Analysis System
Our latest geometry software is an integral part of the TTOC6. It incorporates advanced testing algorithms to locate sidewall buldges and depressions, as well as other anomalies that appear in sidewall and tread areas of the tire.
MPI is available for either spot lasers or line lasers. With spot lasers, MPI provides additional confirmation passes on either side of the chosen path in order to reduce false rejects. With line lasers, 3D images of the sidewalls are acquired. MPI uses this extra information to more accurately differentiate letters from anomalies and to automatically detect the ideal measurement region, ignoring the shoulder tread and bead areas. MPI is especially useful for tires that have large lettering or complex patterns that would make typical, single-path analysis difficult.
Customized Online Help
We customize our help to match our customized test equipment. It includes photos and video to explain operational procedures and troubleshooting methods.
Users can select topics for general help, while calibration help appears automatically to guide users through these specialized tasks.
For help with responding to the current machine problem, just touch the alarm message in the staus window.
Machine Visualization and Remote, Real-time Support
The machine visualization screen displays status. The thumbnail version of the screen includes cycle status indicators, while the full size version includes tracking data and fault details. This information is also instantly available for plant supervisors and engineers -- from their desktop computer!
Real-time support is only a touch away in the Chat Panel. The Chat Panel blinks to alert machine personnel to incoming messages. Once expanded, this instant messaging application allows direct communication with Poling Group engineers to solve problems - without waiting for support to arrive on-site.
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