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Our 3 tier approach maximizes your investment by incrementally improving your equipment. And we can tailor any tier to meet your specific needs.

Tier 1
Controller and Data Acquisition Upgrade [does not require tier 2 or 3)
Replace your obsolete computer and data acquisition system with our TTOC6 computer and TDAQ data acquisition system - and keep your machine operational.

Latest control technology with TTOC6:
• Comes standard with Waveform Validation and Correction (WVC) software,an entirely new and proprietary way of collecting, evaluating and processing tire uniformity measurement information.
• Open architecture computer system for integrating barcode readers, marking systems, sorters, etc.
• Enterprise access and remote support
• Supervisory server/computer integration
• Centralize recipe management
• Product traceability and intelligent material handling
• Improved measurement accuracy using the new TDAQ (Tire Data Acquisition) Module
Increased resolution for all measurements
• Better noise immunity
• Simplified maintenance with fewer electronic components and less points of failure
Quick installation turnaround minimizes production downtime
  Controller and Data Acquisition Upgrade
Tier 2
Electrical Panel Upgrade [requires tier 1)
Improve testing machine accuracy, uptime and maintainability.
• New electrical panels designed to fit existing footprint
• Choice of PLC with distributed I/O, servo automation & drive controls
• Diagnostics integrated with advanced help system
• Latest safety equipment
• Field upgraded with on-site supervisory installation support
• Automated recipe selection for mixed mode (lot size 1) production
  Electrical Panel Upgrade
Tier 3
Remanufacturing [requires tier 1 & 2)
We offer more than 30 different machine & tooling options:
• Add new testing capabilities (like geometry or visual inspection)
• Improve machine performance with new hydraulic and air systems
• Enable production tracking such as barcode and marking systems
• Increase machine flexibility such as the range of tires tested at a single machine
• And many more!
The Poling Group has extensive experience helping our customers . .
• Remanufacture and upgrade machines onsite because they couldn’t be moved

• Develop a phased approach for remanufacturing to meet improved technology, product transition, or budgetary demands

• Standardize machines from different suppliers, for example:
 - enforce a common (preferred) PLC
 - integrate an existing supervisory computer
 - introduce a new data acquisition system
 - unify machines to reduce spare parts headaches